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  1. This issue occurs when you kite an attack from moose goose and go back in with a walking cane. Something about the timing of the goose coming towards you with its hopping motion and the timing of the walking cane bringing you in makes the game think you aren't actually hitting moose goose. No damage is done and no durability is lost on your weapon. On this clip, I actually got lucky and was able to get a few consecutive hits in, but most of the time, over 70%ish of your hits are uneffective. Afterwards I fought a different one as Wormwood, and I figured out you can get the hits to register most of the time if you hit 4 times before kiting. However, I was Wormwood in spring (Speed buff) with walking cane on a road. None of the other characters get that additional speed buff just because its spring so it'd be pretty hard to get 4 hits in without getting antler-smacked by the loosey Goosey. P.S. - NOT MODDED WORLD. Only client mods (Health Info, Geometric Placement) InvincibleMooseGoose.mp4