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  1. We are talking about making sense in a game where you can bring people back from the dead using a bunch of grass, a spider gland and stabbing yourself. Forcing bloom could be made with an amulet crafted with moon rocks, for an example. Since Wormwood's origins are related to the moon, I think that would fit.
  2. I said that kinda as a joke, but unverdant skin is a really interesting idea, when I read that, I thought of a spiky bush styled wormwood skin, but that robotic wormwood looks amazing! Well verdant WX-78 looks like a plant, so unverdant Wormwood being a robot would fit.
  3. It must be extra planty 200% plant At this point just make him into a literal tree, oh wait, Woodie did that first...
  4. Alright, we should all just agree that we need a verdant wormwood skin to make him double plantlike
  5. I see many people complaining about how improved farms are too expensive and don't pay off, so perhaps improved farms could have a small chance to drop extra crops when harvesting, so you could get 2 for a price of 1.
  6. Wormwood went from "Hello, wanna be friends?" to "I̷ ̸W̶I̸L̷L̸ ̷U̷S̷E̴ ̴Y̵O̸U̵R̴ ̷D̷E̸A̶D̷ ̸B̸O̸D̴Y̸ ̵T̵O̶ ̷F̷E̴R̵T̶I̵L̸I̶Z̵E̸ ̸T̷H̵E̸ ̴S̴O̴I̵L̸"