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  1. I don’t think the website part has reset, both still show the glowing chest with the codes and it’s still intractable, but how can we check to make sure? We are both in close proximity, standing on top of each other doesn’t even work. I dont think either of those are the issue, could this be a glitch? And if so how can we restart or fix this? But honestly I’m really not tryna restart... thanks for any further help
  2. Ummm.. I’m currently doing the Metheus puzzle on Xbox one right now. I was able to get through all the steps online and locate the chest in the ruins with the friend I did it with. But now when I try putting the items in the chest in the right order and with the correct quantity it just spits it out? I’ve checked over plenty of times and tried many things, like skins for items are off when in the chest, the spoilage is brand new on perishable items, everything is right but it still spits it out. Please help I’ve been waiting for this for so long and have been working on it for hours!!