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  1. I thought the particle effect was the same for all of them (though I could be mistaken), but I guess it's true, indeed, that there'd be more work put into his skins than normal ones.... I wondered why he didn't get a halloween skin, and somehow, this being a reason hadn't occurred to me :'D Well, at least the skins that he does get will be extra worth getting, for the devs to be willing to put enough extra love into them to give each part their own kind of blossoms... Having these skins with their special effects is really cool 8'D Might be a slightly similar thing with Wurt since each of her forms has different war paint or whatnot when buffed by the merm king, though those are small, simple markings, while Wormwood's flowers have lineart and a bit more detail, so Wurt will probably get new skins a bit more of the time than Wormwood, I'm guessing :'D
  2. Ahh that is nice to hear :'D Might be a good idea to just say imagining them as friends, since the word shipping can easily sound like imaging something romantic between the characters... I'm alright with imagining romance between adult characters, but with child characters, yeah, definitely best for the kiddos to just be friends imo XD Probably all the DST kid characters could be buddies with each other. Well, incidentally, it might be a good idea to close this thread soon :'D
  3. So, Wurt. She is an adorable merm child, and she seems like she’ll be fun to play as! But as far as I can tell, there’s nothing really dark or sad hinted at about her story (except maybe for being a child character released on halloween who can’t go trick or treating, but she hates the pigs anyway so maybe she wouldn’t care, so that might not count as real tragedy for her). Most DS and DST characters have something tragic and/or dark implied or outright revealed about their stories, even if that’s just being unlocked by being rescued from a bad situation. Of course, there might be a few exceptions besides Wurt, but I’m not sure, since there’s some characters I’m not very familiar with. Anyhow… Like Woodie’s animated short, Wurt’s short is very nicely animated, very cute, lively and fun… but also like Woodie’s short, I wasn’t expecting it to be purely lighthearted. I know there’ve already been people who’ve talked about Woodie’s short. But I’ll just mention, yeah, I’m another person who was hoping for either the probably-tragic story behind Lucy, or the story of why Woodie is cursed, or both. I’m also another person who had been convinced that Wurt must be a mermified goat. I noticed lots of people had thought that about Wurt, and I think that’s only natural, since Klei has already had goats getting mermified, and the horned merm guards were just brought in with Wurt. I wonder if Klei actually used to plan for Wurt to be a mermified goat, but then changed their minds, and created the merm guards to retcon out plans for Wurt being a mermified goat, when people had already discovered that she’d have horns. I’ve heard of how Wortox used to call the “nextcharacter” a little goat, in his speech file. I recently checked, and it seems to be gone now, probably removed. If I remember right, I think I might’ve heard people blaming this change on Klei maybe rushing things. But I personally wonder if Klei might actually just be starting to make their DST character stories lighter, to try to appeal to a wider audience. Of course, that’s just speculation. I hope that they might still have some dark elements for DST lore in the future. I guess we’ll see. I still enjoy this game and its characters and lore anyway, I just felt like typing out my thoughts, and sharing ‘em for the heck of it.
  4. That could be nice! If this was added, maybe there could just be a survival mode thing, but still no cooldown in endless mode, since survival mode is supposed to be harder anyway, and people who don't want a cooldown can just play endless mode. Also maybe being able to set how long it lasts, either the exact amount of days with a minimum and maximum, or "short", "default" and "long" without knowing how long that is without going ingame or looking it up! And some kind of countdown timer that pops up on the screen when the cooldown is active.
  5. Why do you play as your main?

    I do find all the characters' personalities and abilities and downsides all interesting in their own ways, but I've ended up playing Wormwood a lot, because I end up attached to the characters with softer personalities, especially when they're nonhuman-looking XD And it's nice that he doesn't get attacked by normally friendly mobs (even though that it would've made sense if the coding had counted him as a monster character). And I find the stuff he says amusing and endearing, being extremely literal and copying creatures' noises, being probably more naive than any of the actual child characters, being probably too friendly for his own good, etc. So he ends up seeming very vulnerable, and I like the idea of getting him to survive long enough to eventually build a megabase while playing as him... 'Cause his personality gives him an underdog feel even if technically his abilities are pretty good (even if maybe not the absolute easiest for solo play in DST, as I usually do) 8'D So, yeah- I got a hunch that I'll probably also end up getting attached to Wurt, too, I guess I'll see soon XD
  6. I agree, it would be nice if his flower trail matched the skin without a mod being needed, but at least there are mods that do this! So I don't mind this much. What does kinda bother me about Wormwood is that he doesn't lose any sanity from picking vegetables or other crops that disappear when picked, not even mandrakes. It makes sense that he doesn't mind picking things that will regrow at the spot, like berries, grass and cacti... but he loses sanity from picking flowers, and vegetables disappear similarly when picked. For the sake of consistency, I wish he could lose 5 sanity for picking vegetables and similar crops, and 15 for picking mandrakes during the day (if possible - since mandrakes are plants with limbs and faces that move around and make noise like Wormwood does, but he doesn't mind murdering them...? 8'D) I don't know how much harder this might make Wormwood to play if it was a thing... I already find it pretty easy to keep his sanity up most of the time, so maybe not too much harder, but I'm not sure. I've also sometimes liked playing Wortox and Webber, but them being hated by catcoons (and Webber being hated by ballphins in DS) makes me a little sad, even if it does make sense for them to be disliked by the mobs that do dislike monster characters XD I'm kinda glad that the games' coding don't count Wormwood as a monster, even though that's kinda contradictory to that animated short about him... Oh well :'D