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  1. This seems to be a bigger bug than I though. I'm not sure my ape buddies lose interest in me when I get on a boat (they tend to run along the shore after me) and they just glitched onto another island where I was harvesting stuff. I'm glad to have them off my island, but I'm not convinced they'll stay off my island.
  2. Yesterday I befriended a few apes, and this morning when I opened my game, two had apparently crossed the ocean to my home island to see me. They started out stuck on the shore right where the water meets the sand and would appear nearby whenever I traveled to a new island, but they've found a way to get onto dry land. It's not as bad as it could be since they aren't stealing all my stuff, but I did choose my island specifically to be away from prime apes.
  3. Out of four palaces, I've had one ballphin show up in my last two games.