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  1. Ban viberr for (Perhaps intentionally) spelling my name wrong
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  3. Jonas Creuller Jackson Jonas is a resident in Tumbleweed, who can see the Mirage. And accompanies Iris through the twisted and ridiculous lands of the Mirage. While Iris sees the Mirage because she has the “Potential to do something great.”, Jonas seeks fate. Both can allow oneself to see the Mirage. Jonas hasn’t had it easy, so to speak. His mother’s pretty much a Karen with diabetes, and his father’s always drunk and also has diabetes. Heck, after his mom was out of the hospital he dropped him off at his Grandma’s and went to a night at the pub. By a “Night” I mean three weeks, leaving his Grandma to raise him for the first 3 weeks of his life. Hence the funny name. As of now he’s about 4”10’, and about 10 years of age. Because of his parents not doing any work and spending their days flipping between drunk and hungover, he’s left to do everything himself. Get groceries, manage bills, set his own appointments. But where does he get the money from? His Grandma, who’s nearly 80 and still works an office job. Making Jonas more resentful to everyone else than he already is, especially his own parents. Not to add on how guilty he feels from his Grandma having to spend the rest of her days in an office. He’s pretty good at hiding it under lots of hate. If it wasn’t already obvious, Jonas spends a lot of his time alienated from society. Being resentful, slightly snobbish (Due to how everyone else doesn’t have to deal with what he does.), withdrawn, and absolutely loathing everyone around him. He suffers from no mental “disorders”, or anything really. Just really hates the people around him. Yet perhaps, maybe someone can get to him if they’re stubborn enough. Upon entering the Mirage, Jonas gets the Levin Cloudburst from the Overseer himself. Which shoots lighting and makes a good drumstick on the go. Because Jonas can play drums and he’s fairly decent at it. Despite his hatred of everything, every Plushie, Every Kittkitsune, and every Hollowlantern he meets tolerates him, yet he doesn’t know why. But he doesn’t not appreciate it, so good on him. He’s grown quite fond of Nebulae, an icy, blue, sparkly, frothy drink that’s about as thick as a smoothie. So also good on him for being open-minded when it comes to food. (This one's a bit weird, her arms need work bigtime) Iris Tinuviel Cyrene Iris Cyrene is a half-Scottish, half English girl that had recently moved to Tumbleweed, TX. Why? Her house was partially burnt down. She does occasionally retell stories from her past but we don’t have a solid timeline, but there’s a gap that she never says anything about. It’s about a year long, particularly the year before moving to Tumbleweed. When asked she just adopts a more zoned off, melancholic look and just says “Nothing much.”. Otherwise she’s cheerful, stubborn, witty, quick-thinking as ever. Perfectly matching the hero stereotype, which she is well aware of. But never saying a whole lot about it. Just like the stereotypes about Sassenachs and Scots that she is also well aware of. As of now, she’s 13 and somewhere between 5”4’ and 5”8’ feet high, about 1.6 and 1.73 meters. Making her tower over Jonas and older than him as well. Despite looking like she’s wielding fire, this is far from the truth. She actually has control over blood. With a fitting cloak to go along with it, the Bloodwaltz Cloak. This gives her the ability to create blood, steal it. Or use her own to heal stuff, being able to do blood magic is really rare. Which means theoretically, Iris can give her enemies heart attacks at will. Iris is quite curious about the Mirage, it’s customs, its creatures, its magic etc. After all finding an Overseer, a being that knows a ton of stuff about the universe does open a floodgate of curiosity. “When I get angry, it’s going to be more than my blood that’ll boil.” Alternate one for Iris (Comes from messing with hues in Color Correction layers)
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  6. Onto #8 of the "Get 10 things out" List, these are Agony Wisps! Agony Wisps are another “fae” in the Mirage, they feed off of blood/a lifeforce from their victims. Agony Wisps are born when a grave/tomb is destroyed, the older the grave. The more likely one will be born and the more likely more than one will be born. These Ghosts of ghosts “possess” a victim. Making them more withdrawn, less cautious and more likely to harm themselves. Along with an ever-throbbing pain (Mostly in the limbs) is what prompts confused victims to harm themselves in an attempt to make it stop. Not unlike the Gympie-Gympie. A plant in Australia that makes its victims commit “sudoku” from pain. Afterwards, they feed on any blood/lifeforce like blood that’s shed. The brighter it glows, the more frequent it has fed. When a victim is possessed, only those related to the victim can actually see the Wisp, with the exception of Wielders and Overseers. Who can see them either way. Curiously, Agony Wisps seem to possess (Pun intended)a natural fear of Kalmeer (A blossom that’s really good at easing anxieties and calming people down along with reducing pain. Also also used to knock things out of a delusion.). So don’t be surprised if you find Kalmeer blossoms strewn about, especially during the Mirage equivalent of October. Another thing to note is that they can’t seem to possess those who have Waarheids (A disc that could allow blind things to see). Perhaps because truth is already obscured for them? Even more oddly is that Agony Wisps feed off of chlorophyll, so don’t be surprised either if you happen to find bits of plant matter with various cuts in it. Never mind the tombstone - These are Furu-utsubo, a entity of Japanese origin. Furu-utsubo are essentially animated objects of Japanese origin. In Mirage, however. It’s limited to possessed bottles and containers. In the original Japanese folklore, Furu-utsubo were tools that came to life after being used for 100 years. Which is why they were usually thrown out before then. It’s thought that once things become of old age they become more spiritual (Or something, don’t ask me why ‘cause I dunno.), and thus the ability to change themselves. Oddly and unfaithfully, Furu-utsubo are limited to jars, bottles and other containers not made of plastic in Mirage. And letting a jar be used for 100 years isn’t the whole thing either, instead. One fills the container with Pyrausta Hearts (A bloom that comes from a plant that grows on either ashes or mounds of dead Pyrausta, hence the name of the resulting flower.) and two clear Waarheids before the night of the container's 100th birthday. When night falls, add in a bit of Rosesanthemum Hip tea. And leave it out for the night. The next day a Furu-utsubo should have taken its place. Usually waiting for its owner. Furu-utsubo are usually social workers, servants, assistants, and even babysitters and guards of fields and livestock. With their pay being left inside their respective containers, when their shift or work is done. They usually head off to pubs and other entertainment centers, just like those who they work for. However, Furu-utsubo must always return to their jars at sunrise or they fade away. Having left their homes for too long. Every 100 years the container has to be refilled with Pyrausta hearts or the Furu-utsubo will become weaker and weaker and eventually, wither away.
  7. These are Mutism Daisies, one of the entities on the far darker side of Mirage Mutism Daisies are...strange. One of the many things in the far darker side of the Mirage. It’s also another “It’s called this but isn’t actually that thing”. It’s a mystery on whether Mutism Daisies are even plants, as they seem to be made of the same gooey substance. That and they survive off of NOTHING AT ALL. This has also given it the names “Phantom Flower” or “The entities of Silent Sorrow.”. There’s no average measurement of how tall or big they get or how many petals they have - it’s just a case to case basis. Predictably, eating the flower of one of these causes things to become temporarily muted. But prolonged consumption or exposure can cause things to become mute - permanently. How they came about is another big mystery, but they came up sometime after the Black Xiilune of Lorre. Where Indabyo (Among others who traded different things.)(In-the-bayou or In-da-by-you also works.), traded her voice to stall the shattering and unwinding or the Mirage. It’s speculated that these entities symbolize this, especially when you consider their 3 colors. And how they smell, oddly enough. The first (The middle one ‘cause yes that’s where we’re starting), with an almost-white color. And the smell of a White Rose, Which is a sign for silence. Hear the sledges with the bells, silver bells. What a world of merriment their monody compels. The Second (Left) has the colors and smell of Rhododendron. Which are known to represent danger, here the loud alarum bells. Brazen bells, what a tale of terror now their turbulency tells. Finally, the third (Right), has the colors and smell of Hyacinth. A flower for sorrow, hear the tolling of the bells. Iron bells, what a world of solemn thought their monody compels. All in all, this flower just whispers “I don’t like this place, I see bad things happening here.”. This one's name's a mouthful It's Gulper Eel But Different, or G.E.B.D for short G.E.B.D is an aquatic creature found in the Mirage, related to Gulper Eels although they’re a few differences between the two which makes the Pelican Eels on Earth look very tame in comparison. Unlike its relatives, G.E.B.D gets around 11 ft. (Approx. 3.3 meters) in length. It’s mouth is about a foot and a half long on average. 6-finned and with small ornaments on its tail. Weighs about 180 pounds on average. Also unlike its relatives, G.e.b.d cannot swim between freshwater and saltwater at its leisure. However, it can descend and ascend the suffocating lakes of The Mirage. When it descends its body turns red and it's swim bladder stops keeping the G.e.b.d afloat among other things to help these things adapt to their migration. Interestingly, G.E.B.D’s eggs fall into the bottom of those lakes. Which is where they spend their childhood. Another thing is that they have much larger teeth compared to their Earth cousins. Fit for shredding stuff apart rather than swallowing it whole. They hunt many things. Whether big or small, fish or crustacean. You name it, it probably eats it. As long as it’s meat, that is. The ornaments on G.e.b.d’s tail are quite decorative and are used in Alchemy. It’s some sort of shiny bioluminescent organic glass, and it’s used in Alchemy and Arcane stuff. Like something to light up dark areas or A Gulper Lock, which takes a Gulper Bauble to unlock it. It’s scales are also used for Arcane and Alchemy purposes. And finally it makes a really darn good meuniere. Just use telekinesis to get them in the air, wait for it to suffocate. And boom, done. You now have free fish. All in all, it’s a terrifying fish with really useful stuff.
  8. Ban Fierysage because there's something out there called a Java Apple
  9. Ban viberr because it's snowing in Texas, there's not supposed to be snow in Texas...
  10. Ban viberr for making me partially responsible for keeping this thread alive
  11. Ban Fierysage1 for trying to correct me when you know darn well what i meant.
  12. I've read Tomato and toma root so much that at this point I just called them both tomato root.
  13. Introducing to the Mirage a creature I made up: Nashers/Nashlings! Nashers are a slug-like creature in the forests of Mirage, their heads have a chitin shell. But are also related to sea cucumbers. Nashlings are generally a foot long and 8 inches wide, with a crest and the very back that can be mistaken for a tail. They’re Frugivores, meaning they elusively eat fruits or nuts. With teeth designed to break nutshells. They’re farmed for their chitin and waste which makes good fertilizer and the chitin for bottles as it’s harder and lighter than plastic. Also good for eating leftover fruit cores and nutshells. They don’t harm anything, as they’re passive and will do something similar to a sea cucumber. In which they drop some of their organs and flee. Don’t feel too bad as they grow back almost overnight. Nashers mate and dig burrows in soft dirt. And then lay generally 5-10 eggs, after 3 weeks their young are born. The mother actually leaves them right before they hatch, with just a piece of fruit or a couple of pecans. She’s got places to be, y’know? Nashlings typically shed their chitin crests at the start of winter. This chitin is very difficult to break, lightweight, and cleaner than plastic. However it has one weakness: Boysenberry juice. Something about it makes the chitin go from solid to clay-like. This is how bottles and other appliances are made. This is also used by hunters to successfully kill these slugs. Unlike some creatures in Mirage, they do see color and are even Trichromatic. Meaning they see the three primary colors, Red, Blue and Green. You’re taught in art school that it’s red, blue and yellow. But that’s a big misconception, I’m not kidding. Look it up. This is some Flora I also made up, Hueberries! Hueberries are, if not the most widely used food in the Mirage. Their hardy trees are found almost anywhere. Well, except underwater...and volcanos. They’re easy to grow for a tree. Not only that but are used in Alchemy, spells, and cooking. Hueberry Trees get around 5-25 feet tall throughout their 60 year lifespan. They start producing fruit at 5 years old. Which is oddly early for a tree, unripe berries are typically white in color. Blue Hueberries are the sweetest of the bunch and seem to possess no flesh inside of it. It’s more like a natural juicebox(Juice Sphere). They’re the one with the longest left leaf from the position it was first picked. Kinda like, y’know. A blueberry Green Hueberries are the second sweetest of the bunch, the texture of the fruit is more comparable to a grape. It’s left leaf from the position it was first picked is also longer than the right. Yellow Hueberries are tart, with their texture being more akin to an orange. Their leaves are always the same length - no matter what. Unless you cut one part of the leaf off then....Why would you do that? Orange Hueberries are more sour but not unpleasantly sour, this is where their texture becomes more like a banana. And where the left leaf to which it was first picked is shorter than the right. Red Hueberries are horrifically sour, and both the right and left leaves are seemingly shrunken and shriveled. The texture being akin to a bone dry apple, as it has no juice. If you hear someone say “I like red Hueberries the most.” They’re insane. But, legends say there’s a microscopic chance that a light-blue Hueberry could be grown. A berry that could regrow limbs and cure otherwise lethal diseases... (Friendly annoying reminder: I usually post these on my Discord server some time before posting them here so you can look at this stuff early. If you like and if you're actually interested in this stuff. Link here, to The Hollow Mirage)
  14. Ban Fierysage1 for not subjecting Wilson to a horde of UgandaKnuckles
  15. 'Cause lore, Wagstaff is kind a big part of it. That's why people want him in DST. Or people just like Wagstaff, I dunno.
  16. I don't think their intention was going after their playstyle, I think they were just asking a surprised/intrigued question
  17. Well, for starters you're going to need a white dress shirt and (I'm assuming) Black slacks. Which shouldn't be too hard to find. Then you need a red vest and some black shoes. Everything else...I dunno.
  18. I've been doing a lot of pre-building for Mirage. (My story idea) and I'm starting to introduce them, they're on my off-topic art thread. I have a checklist for all the ideas I have for it. Including characters, flora, fauna etc. Turns out I have 104 things on that list and I've only completed 4. But as of now I'm just trying to get 10 things out before I crawl back into my laziness hole.
  19. Alicantos (Plural Alicante or just Alicantos) are, according to legend. Glowing nocturnal birds that eat minerals and can either lead miners to gemstones and treasure or six feet under. In other words, pure mineral deposits or off a cliff. In Mirage, Alicante are on average 6-8 ft. tall and 3-4 feet in length (Standing upright), weighing about 180 lbs - 220 on average having not eaten prior to being measured. Alicante Newborns are typically 6’-to 1 foot tall. Normally, the color of Alicanto’s depends on what they eat. In Mirage however, they’re usually colored reddish-orange to yellow. Alicanto’s don’t fly due to the ore it eats, if a miner can follow an Alicanto without being noticed by the bird. It will lead the miner to riches galore, but if the miner is noticed the bird will stop glowing and run off. But if a miner isn’t of “a good heart” the Alicanto will lead them off a cliff. As said before, Alicanto are (checks paper) Mineralvores. Mostly gems and ore. Alicante eat nothing else. Female Alicanto usually have 2 offspring and raise them for about 2 years. At which point they leave and go on to live the average 40 year lifespan, males are usually more yellowish in color while females remain orange and red. Bluecaps are small mining fairies (Not really, we just call things like them fairies for the lack of a better word.) found in Mirage, they work at mines for a price. They live in candles (Preferably scented ones), and jars. In English Folklore Bluecaps are small mining spirits that will not only help miners but can also lead them to a rich deposit of gems and stuff, in return their payment is left in an isolated corner. They will take no more and no less to what they’re owed. Also they can predict cave-ins. In the Mirage, Bluecaps are no more and no less than 6 inches tall and 4 inches in width and length. Bluecaps can form in two ways: 1. If You leave a polished blue gem out in a bowl of ashes on a new moon. A Bluecap will be born and the gem and ashes are consumed. 2: A enchanted Bluecap wick is set on fire at dusk, these wicks are created by grinding Aquamarine and sprinkling it over a black wick, if the resulting flame is blue. It worked, if it’s not then there’s not enough aquamarine. This is usually practiced by still-learning necromancers. Bluecaps live as long as their first accepted payment, (ex: Giving a Bluecap the Mirage Equivalent of 20 Us dollars means it will live 20 years.) However if the one who made it dies, the Bluecap will also pass on. Despite the fact they’re taking the form of a blue flame they don’t actually burn everything they touch but can do so if it pleases. There’s also no real way to tell a Bluecap apart from another, but their names are burned onto their pickaxe when they first receive it. FYI their names come from who made it. Bluecaps can do basic magic, such as levitation and setting things on fire and not much else. Their extensive knowledge about rocks and the ground has also made them common assistants for geologists, etc. Pretty much anything involving ground. However Bluecaps have many weaknesses, they can be easily put out by strong winds or just a drop of liquid besides wax. Which is why a lot of Bluecap staple foods are dried or jerkyfied things. On another note, they’re limited to telepathic communication
  20. We have real internet now!