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  1. I don't have anything to say about this, this is just really really cool
  2. That's two ridiculous threads today...I can't take any of it seriously Edit:
  3. A tutorial for Bluecaps! These are one of my favorite things to draw because it's just 3 blobs and an action line. Here's Dan's sidekick, Dutch. But in costume! And with a few other tweaks, here's the bio Dutch Bunker is the son of Bob Bunker, the food truck owner who somehow pulls burritos out of nowhere. However, in Tumbleweed. He’s better known for co-founding the RP group, along with being the sidekick/buddy of the Rp groups deranged founder, Dan. Age: 12, 5’2”, Gender: Male. Dutch is known to be down to earth, albeit a bit cynical. Stern, judgmental, but not short on forgiveness. You’d think he’d be off in an academy by now, Dutch wishes he would. Instead he’s stuck with some teen rambling incoherently. Something about a bird and a thing named Tez-something, and how they’re gonna make sure the world(s) turn into smoke, obsidian, and mirrors. It’s vague, but that’s the most Dutch has managed to piece together. Despite the sweater, the funny gloves and the hat. Dutch firmly believes in the sciences, denying magic and most religions in a heartbeat. Except everyone knows he’s lying, since he’s got a bunch of fantasy thingamajigs scattered about his room. “It’s just a costume”, he says. When we ask him about the eyes, he just says they’re regular eyes. Yeah, sure they’re just regular eyes. DAN + IRIS (Excited) Say the line!! DUTCH (Firm) No. IRIS (Bubbly) SAY IT! (DUTCH sighs) DUTCH (Sarcastic unenthusiasm) I am Gandalf …and Gandalf means… …Me.
  4. Holy crap I love the artstyle! These are awesome!
  5. I only have 2 "cursed" pictures, and one of them is just one of the many smear frames from the ANR cinematic
  6. "I GOT HOBO FEET!" "Smooth baby armpit." - My little brother
  7. Hi I'm back from vacation

    I forgot most of it already