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  1. I'm in a story telling mood so I'll recall some funny tales from Elementary school.

    1.       Y'know those weird Fall festivals schools would have? Yeah I went to one of those, I was in 5th Grade. Things were going well until someone came up to ask if he could guess who he was. Easily I knew who this kid was just by looking at him, (This kids name was Dutch, yeah. I don't know who names their kid Dutch. Of all things.) Dutch lifts up his mask and says I'm the first person to know who he was without him having to take off his mask. Which is funny, because this kid has such a distinctly shaped pill-head and voice that I thought It would be impossible to mistake him for someone else or not recognize him. So, we go into the ball pit and start sparring in it. Someone the toddlers that were also in the pit were in on it too. I'm near losing when I kick Dutch in the gut. After that the spar ended.

    "I couldn't eat my dinner after that." He said the next time we met.

    2.       100th day of 5th grade, hopefully you all know what happens on this day. Everyone has the privilege to dress up as old people. Anyway, this story revolves a kid named William (Will). Will, a few of his friends, and I are eating lunch at the porch. Apparently a select few 5th graders have school jobs, one of the perks is that you can eat at the porches across from the street. Anyway, Will shows up with one of his Grandma's walking canes, normally If Will does something I don't like I'd keep it to myself. But I was feeling particularly bold today. I walk up, grab his walking cane and start (Lightly) bonking him on the head with it. Then I notice that theirs is this lady that's looking straight at me. So I freeze up and think she's a school attendant. But instead she just says "I knew someone was going to get hit with a cane." Somehow, I never got in trouble.

    3.        Normal day, 4th grade. I made it early, sitting at my desk. Wearing a red shirt, brown shorts and grey and white socks. Everything's going fine until a friend of mine (This kids name is Mac.) shows up. Turns out, we happened to show up in the exact same outfit. The only difference was our shoes, and the shade of brown was slightly different on the shorts. But darn, I still remember it like it was yesterday.

  2. Ban ARF because we once had, a hailstorm, a windstorm, a thunderstorm, a 90 F day, and a shower of rain all in a few hours.
  3. This mainly stemmed from a conversation with @Whisperlisc and @Blue Moth What if spiders could hide inside or disguise themselves as cacti? Spiders could curl up or cover themselves with bits of cactus flesh. Or, they could dig under the cactus and get inside of the plant. So when something would get near the spider or (Tried) to pick the "Cactus" the spider would reveal itself and attack. This isn't something I would want in the game, it's just an idea. Fun fact: Some species of spider will sometimes disguise themselves as ants.
  4. I guess the rules would change if something worked with the survivors instead of against them? Kinda like a contract...? Excluding Chester and Glommer and other followers, which were designed that way. Maybe everything that was supposed to try and kill survivors had a sort-of rule to abide by, if they break it. They become a "survivor" themselves...? I dunno, I'm just guessing.
  5. Ban ARF because my mic nor my right speaker is working at all. Also Mom fell off a ladder, but she's okay.