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  1. Zee's art Thread

    In the original, the kid shown (Named Everett.) is picking out things for a car costume, and, messes around with them. Because why not?
  2. So I wanted to have a art thread, drawing with a mouse is really hard so it looks like a 2nd grader drew it. I practice with these sort of mini comics and other things in my drive. So here is my DST art! Wonder why, maybe Willow forced him. I am not to happy on how I did Wendy on this. But Wavel's still annoyed (I'll explain It later, I'm to lazy right now.) Drew myself in DS style, it's a bit crooked though.
  3. Zee's art Thread

    Sketch time! I had some gifs from my favorite show and did a parody of a couple. Here's the original's Fuelweaver bowling. Sounds...interesting.
  4. So lemme break this down in scientific terms. As I'm a sucker Dinosaur enthusiast and I know quite a bit about them. Does this strange-made-up period of the Constant takes place in the early, middle, or late Mesozoic era. Or at the very end of the Paleozoic era? (Around when the first dinosaurs appeared, which were the size of chickens. Mind you.) Keep in mind that flowering plants emerged around the very end of the Cretaceous era. (The last period of time in the Mesozoic era.) Can we have a passive mob somewhat like Ingentia Prima? (Meaning "first huge one".) Or can we somehow manage to get a cute little follower that gives sanity like Glommer in ROG? Something like that could be a Compsognathus, those things are cute as heck. Maybe the hounds waves could be Deinonychus. (Meaning "terrible claw"). Idk, these are just suggestions and this real life facts probably wouldn't apply.
  5. Zee's art Thread

    Yesterday was my great-grandma's b-day so I didn't do much. Anyway here ya'll go
  6. Handrawn, unedited version. If I get featured, please do tell me. Quick note, I finally got a twitch account! Yayyy...
  7. Zee's art Thread

    Yes, you can probably guess who. Because she only has one.
  8. Zee's art Thread

    Sorry if I ruined your character @Russian Philin @minespatch I can't draw finger bones, but I can Fingerbang.
  9. Well, I listen to a lot of high energy music and I have a lot of them so maybe a few of these might help. Wilson: Theory of Everything No vocals. But it has theory in it so why not? Theory of Everything 2 Again, no vocals. Willow: Fireproof No context needed. Wx-78: (Lots and lots of high energy songs. Loooots.) Roadgame This is my favorite song, makes me wanna move. Cyborg Telekinetics Wormwood: The quiet Earth Well, earth. 1,00 Light Years Away First time I heard this I kinda died a little, makes ya feel lonely. At least to me. Webber: Dex Arson- Beast mode BeastMode- Teminite Yes there is two of them with the same name. Maxwell: The Devil's Swing 2nd favorite song. Hedwig's Theme Maxwell, Untriumphant skin. Channel your inner dork. Bonus! Woodlegs: The Seven Seas It's different than you think. Hopefully these might help. Sorry if you kill your ears.
  10. Zee's art Thread

    Wilson about to start dissecting a rare, but very bloody fish in front of Webber, in front of Wavel and the other fish. It's not going to be pretty.
  11. Zee's art Thread

    Earlier today: I follow @Russian Philin next moment he/she starts reacting to all of my posts at once in this thread. Sounding off lots and lots of noise. that pic is based of that quick event. Maybe, can't promise that. Also, SOMEONE GET THE TAFFY!
  12. Zee's art Thread

    Couldn't help but do a parody of that scene. Also @Russian Philin
  13. My dad doesn't have a hunting vest, but he has a katana. That, he will sometimes use to make me do chores.
  14. Zee's art Thread

    No, he isn't playing. He's just following Wilson. (And being as dank as possible.)
  15. Zee's art Thread

    Yes, it was originally all of the survivors but they all got hit by Wavel, she can be sneaky. They should be fine, probably a couple broken fingers and bruises but it's nothin'! It was also (somewhat) based off of this picture:
  16. As a person that mains Webber, I get some strange outcomes on servers. Wilson- Oddly enough, I find quite a few of these when searching for servers. But of course, most don't know what they're doing. (Ex: my cousin, who died 7 times the first time he played.) Willow- Always a troll, no context needed. Wolfgang- Little to none, don't have much to say 'bout this one. Wendy- Most of the Wendy's I find have a general idea of what their doing and the character they're playing. Some don't, but most of them I find do. Wx-78 - Little to none, otherwise the ones I do find are gear beggars. Wickerbottom- Most of the ones I see are usually pretty good at the game and the character. But then there's that small part that aren't very friendly at all. Woodie- Beavers, all day, all the time. Wes- don't see any. Maxwell- Dies a lot, stays at base. Doesn't know what they're doing. Wigfrid- Never really eats more than they produce, gives out helms and spears like dead giveaways. Webber- Oddly enough, I don't see a lot of Webber trolls. (Well, I AM Webber.) I never join the Webber only servers, just the regular ones. Never see a den at spawn of base or in inconvenient places. Although if a I join one regular server with only 1 other person the domino effect activates. Warly- Stays at base and cooks everything in the fridge. Wormwood- SEEDS! Winona- I don't see any Winona's so idk. Wortox- They know what they're doing, always helpful. Wurt- Friendly, but solitary.
  17. Zee's art Thread

    The other doesn't know what's going on, he just likes to watch and ask 300 questions.
  18. Zee's art Thread

    Create floor >>> add solid basic color >>> Watercolor tool >>> add colors similar to the base color >>> blend >>> create new layer >>> add lighting.
  19. I don't watch the stream, I just like to do the challenges.
  20. Was i late to this?
  21. Zee's art Thread

    So I've been trying drawing by hand and then coloring digitally. I'm particularly proud of this piece.
  22. Zee's art Thread

    Yes, a larger-than-average bird. I can imagine Woodie finding out about it.
  23. Zee's art Thread

    I'll...just leave this here.
  24. Zee's art Thread

    Yes So is Whyte. Idk just got bored. No, he wanted me to make a Legend of Zelda piece, putting in a nutshell. It's a crock pot, sorry if that confused you. The doppelganger faints from pure fear. And finally,