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  1. well, there's this Guy searching for the same thing, maybe you could do it together.
  2. Same problem when I tried to move food from the refrigerator to inventory. No mods and no backpack. Curious thing is, I cant reproduce bug in a newly generated map. By the way, (sorry, I don't mean to spam, but) shoud I make a new report about this bug, since it looks to be is the same as this one?
  3. I'm in for marble walls, and I also like the idea of gold walls, and maybe golden floor, too. It would be a nice fancy option for base builders.
  4. I think he's asking if wagstaff should be ported to DST, or If his creations shoud be craftable by winona at least, with the aproprieted balance adjustments. I, for one, would like very much to see Wagstaff in DST, but wouldn't mind If winona gets some more exclusive crafts. And If a spanish speaker could actually translate what Op said, that would be great too ^^'
  5. Hello, esteemed forumers! I've been thinking about build themed rooms for each of the survivors. Now, I'm not a great designer, so I would like to know if anyone else has built something similar in concept and would like to share, so i can borrow some ideas . Here are some early concepts i've been fidgeting with: Maxwell's throne room Wendy's sanctuary I know, I know, they're not great. I'm no @reichull, and that's why I would like some inputs and ideas, if you all would be so kind to share =). BTW, as I'm sure you can notice, english is not my first language, so I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes. And thank you all in advance =)