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  1. instead of one big piece I did three smaller pieces because I was having trouble choosing an idea. this one is inspired by one of the refs i saw on the stream. i just thought it was funny the big slurp slurp on the statue
  2. brainstorming some ideas for this weeks art challenge with the slurper
  3. Hello there! I'm StaticGarble. I usually just post art for the weekly art stream but I guess I'll try making my own art thread. I will probably be posting digital art, sketchbook doodles, and maybe even an occasional animated gif or something. I'll just start this off with a few of my art stream drawings.
  4. yay, I didn't get to draw the malbatross last time. The first stream that I submitted art for was for the saladmander which was actually right after the first malbatross stream. Also, this piece was a bit experimental.
  5. Warly accidentally turns Winona and Wortox into moonrock statues and here's an alternate ending where Warly just turns the whole world into the moon
  6. gnarwail be like here's some blindfolded drawings too:
  7. A stack of merms with a nice Jesse styled background.
  8. Wurt introducing the other merms to her new merm friend. Yup, definitely a merm. Here's another thing that I made a few days ago but I thought I'd share it here anyway since it's Wurt. also here's just a ton of Wurt sketches: