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  1. A disscusion about battles

    realistically, the weremoose would plow through all of the non-player mobs involved even if they're all targeting him at once (this includes the balloons) after only the player characters are left, it'll just be the usual game of tag of PvP, where i'd put all my bets on the mighty wolfgang
  2. Don't Steal Together

    i think it's because the vast majority of players only learned about him when he got removed he didn't really receive a lot of enthusiasm while he was around, and he was only playable for a relatively short time during early access so i doubt most people who currently know about warbucks even know what his perks were, since a common assumption i'm seeing is that he started out with the blunderbuss or that the blunderbuss was his special item (i still miss the unique battle cry)
  3. 64 Bit Server

    so this means that on the windows version of the game, textures are all loaded into the main memory?
  4. 64 Bit Server

    right, i did fail to consider that the linux version of the game can behave differently from the version for windows, which is what most people will be using try using tools other than the windows task manager, tools which will show gpu memory usage separate from main memory usage i don't have windows installed on any device right now so i can't test it for myself opengl, which is what DST uses, will load textures into the gpu memory, but the game on windows uses ANGLE to translate opengl calls to directx as for cpu memory vs main memory, i wanted to make sure we're talking about the same thing, because main memory is not referred to as "cpu memory" elsewhere as far as i know
  5. 64 Bit Server

    it takes seconds to google this, you have very little actual knowledge about what you're talking about, yet you're so confident talking about it (this appears to be such a common theme to the people i'm talking to in this thread) i thought you would understand it on the second time i've told you, so let me explain a third time in a way that i hope you can't misinterpret my CPU memory: L1 = 128 KiB, L2 = 1 MiB, L3 = 6 MiB my main memory: 8 GB i'm gonna assume that "memory space on the CPU" means the main memory, not the CPU memory from my tests, using htop and nvidia-smi: small textures off RAM, game menu: ~280 MiB RAM, in-game: ~688 MiB GPU, game menu: ~400 MiB GPU, in-game: ~1084 MiB small textures on RAM, game menu: ~291 MiB RAM, in-game: ~687 MiB GPU, game menu: ~178 MiB GPU, in-game,: ~513 MiB conclusion: it's safe to say that your statement is incorrect ----- it's blindingly obvious to me now that i seem to be the only one in this thread doing any sort of research and testing
  6. Don't Steal Together

    turn on pvp: give yourself the opportunity to defend your property
  7. @shadowDigga why did you bring up shipwrecked
  8. @Gourmand so why bring up shipwrecked
  9. @Gourmand shipwrecked is not in dst
  10. 64 Bit Server

    the "dozens of posts" are from the same person and the textures are demonstrably not too low resolution: anybody that claims this is too low resolution should move to a different game if they want to play a screenshot-taking simulator instead it heavily depends on the entity, and you'll be surprised what kind of things are considered as entities yes, i have already explained why this is the case in the first page of this thread also, a correction: loading prefabs also loads their assets a lazy loader will stop out of memory issues for very large mods, because it prevents unneeded assets to be loaded all at once instead, prefabs and their assets are loaded only when they're needed to fabricate an entity a correction again: the game does not store textures in the cpu memory, textures are loaded into the main memory sure, but i think it's still more likely for klei to perform optimisations over making a 64-bit version, for reasons they've already explained a number of times
  11. 64 Bit Server

    i don't think anybody is asking modders to perform low-level optimisations memory issues caused by mods come from entities, assets, and such: do you really need all these entities loaded all at once? do you really need these assets loaded? do these textures really need to be this huge? etc just a correction, the game loads assets into the main memory, not the cpu memory i'm not exactly sure how that's wasteful, the point of that is to eagerly cache assets that the game expects to use ahead of time if you don't prefer that, then i think a way to implement lazy loading of assets is possible, which would save memory and initial load time edit: i've found that @Zarklord has already implemented a lazy loader for dst:
  12. Wolfgang Rework

    bad bait try harder
  13. Is waffles worth it?

    something to note is that butter takes 40 days to spoil while waffles takes 6 days to spoil, so it's not a straight upgrade
  14. Klei hates fish!!!

    i think it'll be fine if they made merms drop dead fish instead of living fish to prevent this
  15. then don't make it food is a non-problem, crock pot or not yes, but you started with 0 hunger value when you pick the berry, that 0 hunger turns into 9.375 that's an infinite percent increase, klei! what were they thinking!? if you like playing the game by grinding meatballs, then good for you other people, like me, prefer doing literally anything else