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  1. No, just the nightmare hand. Wavy Jones is the nightmare creature on the ocean right? Just finished the 2nd batch of concept skins. As I watched DST streamers on Twitch like Glermz and Jazzy, I learned from the chat that they want structures that is also good as decorations like the new prestihatitator skin with a chef hat for their kitchen. I made 2 bee queen crown skins. (sorry for the low res Wormwood.) Imagine the wings of the Monarch queen bee crown slightly flapping
  2. I'm glad you like it! I actually thought of Charlie and the nightmare creature that extinguishes fire while doing the krampus sack.
  3. I really love the art style of the game. I even watched all of Klei's Art Stream and Doodle Jam. I know that I am not able to achieve the classic sketch style (i'm a mouse user ) but I'll just keep on practicing since we are on quarantine and I got a lot of time. I'm only doing this to enhance my skills and for my portfolio. Here are some concepts that I made. If you got any ideas, feel free to reply!