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  1. Finally, I can make PK Beef hats and be the Pigfrid I was made to be
  2. What's wrong, Wigfrid-kun? Could it be you're craving my... McPierogis?
  3. An extremely specific trick mostly intended for pub WIllows during spring. Wearing a Rain hat or an Umbrella and standing under a burning tree dries you extremely fast, even in rain. The same also applies to evergreen/birchnut trees right next to a furnace. I suggest putting the tree in a planter to deter snotty Wickerbottoms from cutting it down for aesthetic reasons.
  4. Monsoon season in Shipwrecked is a nightmare for cooking/sorting chests as well
  5. Whenever Walter tells a campfire story, his current hat disappears visually ( You still have the item in your inventory but not on your character ).