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  1. The tile with the ladder is reachable and if set to a dig errand, will be completed. not all the tiles have buried objects. I was a bit hasty posting this bug, sorry if it's my misunderstanding. located above camera shift+8 and other tiles at the bottom, located at camera shift+9 The Systematic Crater bug.sav
  2. Toggling a door or a building, saving, then loading that save, the errand disappears. Trainwreck City 03.sav
  3. I forgot to say open the door, before duplicant starts falling, in the "steps to reproduce"
  4. Have at least 1 toilet, and I have 1 bed per duplicant. one bed is greyed out, but the duplicant is using it. I tried a new asteroid as well, bed and bath achievement greyed out from the start. I imagine whatever you did to fix coheru's bug report flipped and broke mine, don't really know though. attached is "City 02.sav", where I discovered the bug; "City.sav" is the start of the asteroid Same bug as Trainwreck City 02.sav Trainwreck City.sav
  5. The dead body lands on the horizontal door and plays the "landing from a fall" animation in a repeating cycle. It is very loud and is the body's ghost poltergeisting in anger of its death. It is easily removed when they come to store the body, and could be spun as a poltergeist in anger of its death. I imagine it is a bug, though, so reporting it anyway. This was happening before, when I was in native 1080 60hertz resolution as well. I imagine the body is encountering the door object, ending the fall. It sees the door is open, so no collision, starting fall again then encountering the door object again, forming a repeating cycle. Thanks for reading, ANOMALY Trainwreck City bug-01.sav