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  1. Regolith tile cannot be dug

    Hello, still not fixed as of today :S. Thanks for your work :). This post was useful to solve temporarily the problem.
  2. Ok, i reloaded the game without the gas pump and it is working now, Thanks, it took me hours to not find the solution !! How do i edit the topic to solved ?
  3. Hello, i do not understand what happens. I have read everything i can on the subject before posting, i'm starting to think that it is a bug. The one from the left is working fine, the one from the right got an interference. I've removed the bunker titles next to the door on the right without any success. I moved the right scanner one tile from the left without any change. I did a vacuum everywhere. Solved !! StarSquid : "It might be the gas pump" Can you help me to solve this problem please ? Thanks.