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  1. Aqua tuner cooling loop

    Thanks for posting this! I'm just starting to mess with aquatuners now, and I like the simplicity of your design, vs the dual chamber ones using oil as a buffer to absorb the heat, and then heat water to steam. I'm sure as I get more familiar with their use, I'll better understand the benefits of the oil based designs as well.
  2. Well, nothing to make you feel stupid like a pointless first post. I'm guessing there must have been some cross-contamination happening in my initial testing (maybe on the final chute at the end), as now it looks like it's all working as expected. Slime on the rails is being fully sanitized in less than a full cycle in the chlorine room. On a side note I found you can see the germ count present on items in rail packets if you turn on the germ overlay. Only then will it display the germ count of the items being carried on the rails, both hovering over the packet, and in the description of the conveyor rail. So the question becomes, do I sacrifice the unlimited storage of a pile in an enclosed chlorine room for the reduced power of keeping it on rails the whole time? Many thanks to whose who responded!
  3. For testing I was pulling six bundles onto the rails per cycle, so 3 stayed on the rails (in 20kg packets), and 3 got dumped into a single 60kg packet. You would think the 3 packets would disinfect faster than the big pile... The thought was to eliminate the extra power needed for the extra sweeper and loader. So instead of: dup -> loader -> chute in chlorine room -> wait -> sweeper -> loader -> receptacle in farm it would just be: dup -> loader -> wait on rail in chlorine room -> receptacle in farm I know it's not really necessary to disinfect the slime, especially if you've pretty much eliminated any further handling by dups once it's in the first loader, it's just an extra safety precaution kind of thing.
  4. First post, so my apologies in advance for any stupid questions :). I've tweaking my mushroom farm design, and recently have been testing out the suggestion on sterilizing slime posted by Saturnus here: I modified it a bit using two shutoffs - one for entrance into the chlorine room, one for exit, to ensure the slime stayed in the room a full cycle. The issue is that it's still coming out with germs - much reduced, but still there (like in with 300K, out with 300). Since I can't find a way to view the germ count on the slime while it's on the conveyor rail, I can't view the kill-off rate. But for comparison, I split the rail and had half diverted to chute that just dropped it onto the floor of the chlorine room. The slime sitting on the floor was fully disinfected in about half a cycle, compared to the stuff on the rails coming out germy. It's like being on the rails reduces the effectiveness of the chlorine. Has anyone else seen this?