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  1. So I think I may have screwed up big time by turning off Vargs in my world lol. I forgot how valuable gems can be in terms of crafting and trading for gold with the Pig King (Wigfrid player here). Are there any reliable ways to get gems that can be considered a renewable source? Ex: not being limited to the amount of Stalagmites in the world since they aren’t respawnable/renewable, and graves that stay empty once dug.
  2. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    What is there to apologize for? The game had a good enough run as it is. It even had a few cosmetic items featured in TF2 during the beginning of its time. The game was nicely designed to be a good time killer for those who crave a survival experience with the ability to set their priorities freely as well, and you can develop your own ways to play the game that it can be fun doing so. Don’t Starve is a great game and nothing will change that, not even the discontinuation of development on it.
  3. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    I feel like DS and DST serve their own purposes. Don’t Starve is meant to be a single player experience, and the challenge in that game is based around the difficulty for a single person. And with the reign of multiplayer games taking over, this, of course, includes proving inferiority of the single player genre. With DS being a fun enough game as it is, it’s even better to experience with friends, but it is NOT the ideal game for a solo player only. The kind of people who like to play alone, such as myself, will keep DS alive. Sure, the devs feel otherwise most likely, but the game is still there for people to enjoy.
  4. Shipwrecked compatibility warning

    I am aware (: still happy to enjoy the game I bought. Thank you for your answer!
  5. Remember my old post about the mega pack situation? Well, I browsed the Eshop on my Switch randomly and found DS on sale for $8, which was the same amount I got refunded for my original eBay purchase of the mega pack. Of course I took that damn deal. Also, unlike DST/DS on PS4, you can set everything like mobs and resources to “More” at least! AND LOAD TIMES ARE FASTER! ANDDDD I CAN PAUSE! HUZZAH! VICTORY IS MINE! Anyway... I’m trying to create my RoG enabled world and the game is asking me if I want to make the game compatible with SW. So.. what does that mean exactly? How will it affect my gameplay? For now I’ll keep it off, but once I die in like 5 in game days, I’ll consider turning on the compatibility depending on what you guys say.
  6. I got the refund after posting this, but I saw that t already got comments so I didn’t bother to remove it. And still, DS along with RoG is $18 as a bundle. I didn’t play much Shipwrecked to care about buying it, and with SW included it’s even more money. I’m using a gift card I got from some people at some place and I have specific plans for that remaining money whereas buying DS + the dlc for more than $8 would alter the plans quite wildly. Once I finish one of my college classes that’s a lot of work, I’ll find a job so I won’t have to be so strict anymore when it comes to finances. (: EDIT: I fixed the topic so it includes that missing detail I never added. Thank you for reminding me about it.
  7. 1.) the guy had legit thousands of trusty reviews. 2.) I assume the mega pack had everything on the disc upon factory deliverance. 3.) it was only $8 compared to the usual $20-30 which I could’ve afforded but sometimes you wanna try and find ways to get a game and save money at the same time. I did the same with Persona 5. 4.) the guy actually just sent me the refund without me having to ask, and is allowing me to keep the game. Plus they didn’t know the game lacked the content I described above, so it wasn’t a scam, it was a misunderstanding. 5.) If I knew about this issue before ordering on eBay or Amazon for that matter, I would have never done it, as this would’ve been the last thing I have thought about being an issue. I was only asking a question, and you approached in a way that would’ve kicked me while I was down. Maybe I could use an adjustment in my critical thinking, but you can use a major adjustment in socializing, friend. A simple “You’ve been scammed” would’ve fit your comment just nicely. Thank you for taking the time to comment at least and good day (: While that can be a relieving thought to think about the content being included, the games function differently in some mechanics, such as night being shorter in DST, although that isn’t a problem. What IS a problem to me about DST is that the mobs have higher health than DS, a key mob being the precious Koalefant. Also, I can only play alone anyway since I don’t pay for PS+. However, having the co-op function there in case anyone I know irl wants to play is also good. (: still, thank you for your nice and detailed response! Hey there friend, off topic or not, that’s an accomplishment in my book. Because of your post, anyone who reads this can become knowledgeable about it too!
  8. I am aware of the printing mistake that occurred, which is why I can only play DST at the moment. However, I found that out until AFTER my game came in the mail. I bought the game from someone on eBay and it turns out, I only have DST available to play, and I guess Klei stopped giving vouchers to people who bought the game from a third party seller. Because of that reason, does that mean I’m completely screwed and can’t get any of the Mega Pack content? :/ EDIT: I forgot to make this edit sooner than I should’ve, that’s my bad. I got a refund for the game and I’m being allowed to keep it as well, so even if I don’t get the other content it’s fine (: Just wanted to know if it was still possible or not. Carry on!