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  1. [Request] Ingame notepad/Signs

    pipe coloring would rock, independent of material
  2. gold aquatuner can up like 25-35c past overheat point if it sits in some crude or petrol.
  3. Ethanol as coolant

    but it has terrible TC. so SHC sure, but I don't think it will make a good coolant.
  4. Copper changes melting point for sure. copper ore says melting point 1083c, not sure if exosuit changes that atm, I'm back to cycle 13. turbine has +1000c overheat (but shuts itself off if it goes over 100c, so if you don't make it out of lead, you should be good there(you'd have to cool a place above the heat to build it).you build the turbine usually with an aquatuner under it to help move heat in. in your case you have plenty of heat available.
  5. This happened after priming, and yes the pressure sensors were in. I was fairly certain that the pressure settings are too low to prevent gasses from unlayering each other. I've just reproduced it in sandbox, I ran it for a few cycles, blocking one, then releasing, releasing both, then just letting the o2 pumps run. I thought for awhile it must have been me, because it never looked out of place, then I stopped paying attention for awhile, and it finally happened. The whole thing was only running for ~4 cycles.
  6. I've had a lot of issues with this when either of the outputs back up the other can easily start getting the wrong element. I adjusted the gas pipes to include filtering. On the brighter side I think it was powering itself and a desalinator/sieve combo without (or with very little support). In my case I turned the tuner down a bunch since most of the oxygen just goes to electrolyzers (and had one of the three outputs skip the cooling block entirely). It's still painful to build as most things that require a vacuum (or multiple). But less of a pain than trying to get exactly 2000g of liquid onto tile(s).
  7. How to stack liquid

    I've heard pwater will only offgas up, so with water on top, no problem.
  8. I see the overlays redone, but the top left circuit board item still isn't visible as to what type it is. looks like it could be a memory board? Also, I have no idea where this uni is that I keep hearing about.
  9. thank you for the input, can you show us the overlays for the redone with hydrogen on the bottom version? and what's the circuit type at the top left of the original? a memory circuit not hooked all the way up?
  10. @Gamers Handbook your images almost got me to understanding... but I think I need to see the automation you have for the 2 battery, 2 hydrogen, 2 transformer setup, and then maybe I'll get it.
  11. The steam vent build keeps having a hard time starting up. getting over pressure before the initial start has even warmed up the petroleum, drywall, or tempshifts, so the vent goes idle. Also, does the steam tamer work for cool steam vents, or is it overkill?
  12. Anyone have some info on building this thing as far as ordering goes? I can see how to get to the end, but I feel like I'm wasting a ton of time on the order of building/sucking/watering.
  13. Isn't polluted water a bad option for this? doesn't it slowly turn into oxygen? or does it just produce oxygen without any cost?
  14. Refridgeration should slow it down. It doesn't in game, but it should slow the viability loss some. Would have been nice.