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  1. Yes but where does it say that. Because unless you show me you are making assumptions and wasting my time with your theory replies
  2. Ah yes. And where does it say that anywhere. Why would the king of the monkeys be some random circus monkey and why would Maxwell drag him there.
  3. Wilbur and Wilba werent pulled in. They lived in the constant before
  4. Because let's be real. If you get a good moon spawn you can bathbomb,make a base around it,move idol close, etc. You can make Maxwell and never worry about sanity,light, and food. Health wont be a problem cuz cooked stone gives 3 hp etc and comes in piles and with glass cutters you wont have to worry about hounds. Compared to ruins moon shows no threat Plus hotsprings heat you so even better
  5. Its a different idea with completely different mechanics. It is in no way a reskin. Not even a tweak. SW boats are in every way different Completely agree. Like imagine kinda like flups or tenticales but it's the crabs eyes and it charges you. Make it some sort of pseudo hyper aggressive threat. Because moon is very harmless rn
  6. Maybe prehistoric moon crabs but not crabbits. We need more danger there
  7. Prime apes would be a complete pain. Crabbits are reskinned rabbits. Palm treeguard would be nice ig? If they added a beach biome I can see it working. Floaty Boaty Knights would annihilate boats just because of the limited mobility. And the said you didnt have Hamlet but those tend to reproduce and completely take over their forests. So maybe a bad idea
  8. Wurt vs. Wilba

    Ah yes random ******* pig falls down mountain and meets survivors A pig coming from Hamlet where pigs function completely differently and have aspects that would make no sense in a game outside Hamlet What's she gonna do. Make hamlet pigs and shops. Make royal stuff? Bloody be a woodie clone? Give it up your precious Wilba barely fits in Hamlet let alone DST
  9. Wurt vs. Wilba

    No. Webber and Wurt have different playstyles. Your Wilba will never make it into DST it makes no sense lore wise etc. Give it up
  10. I just got bored and wanted to see forums. How long has it been dead for?
  11. I love how everyone is discussing stat changes or new shadows. If you made shadows copy your actions that's already a straight upgrade. Personally I hope Max is the one who will be using the "lunarbook" in files. Maybe he could trade his sanity to summon a gestalt to give sanity to someone else. The way Wortox trades his hunger for your health. I mean Max is the "magic" character no? With the shadows turning their back on him it makes sense he would find another. That's just a fun little gimmick though. I dont like the whole "losing control of shadows" idea because then there wouldnt be a point. Just play Woodie and get a tam. I think Max is perfectly balanced and what needs addressing is his duelist and digger. Maybe make it unable to mine marble around base and have duelist mimic you.
  12. If you wanna debate this we can make a thread and talk. I'm not saying your wrong or that it wont be added in some way I'm saying the CHARACTER wont be as in how they function and play. They all would require tweaks and changes the biggest being Wag and Walani. Personally I hope they arent added as I see no point but they could be after crazy amounts of changes Yes thank you you nailed it exactly Wag would have to drop thumper and not have fire goggles. Maybe get new devices but Winona kinda has that already. Walani maybe instead of a surfboard a skateboard or sum? It fits her character and would give both a use and an exclusive. Wilba....idk man Wurt copy? Wilbur would have to be made troll proof. But even with those additions they still wouldnt be unique really because as said. We have were forms,have devices, and have scouts Plus who would want to travel down to monkeys just for bannanas to make huts and such. Or play a character for a land speedboost which would limit use of beefalo as travel.
  13. I doubt there will be any more additions outside of maybe those 2 as refreshes. Wormwood was released with ROT as a lunar creature. Warly with ships. There isnt a way they can add the others without some excuse via updates. And we all know we arent getting a pig update I knew there would be form tweaks. All these 2 forms do are guarantee Wilba and Walani not making the game. Scout got taken. Werecombat got taken. Warbucks got thanos snapped,Walani no longer would offer anything unique,Wilbur would be able to make mobs that steal and lower sanity so wouldnt be added,Wagstaff could grief an entire base either with the thumper or fire goggles(which others wouldnt be able to use), and as previously said Wilba doesnt offer anything without tying her to pigking and forcing a wurt copy.
  14. Heres what I see. Warbucks,Walani,Wilbur,Wagstaff, and Wilba either dont offer anything,have too much griefing potential, or conflict with lore. Wheeler is meh she could be added because there is nothing really known about her,Woodlegs can upgrade ships or maybe cannons,etc. Besides those 2 the others have no way to really pull their weight or work with others.
  15. Well. What would she have to offer? Pigs are accessible to everyone,the "spoiled" mechanic wouldnt work,were form would be copy and paste,etc. If they added in Wilba she would either have some random gimmick that never existed before or a copy and paste of Wurt but pigs