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  1. Does anyone got character quote lists for carrats.
  2. You either track them down,slaughter them, and pillage their homes or watch one be viciously ripped apart by a Ginger Varg Also. That eye can be made into a Towe Of Sauron(heh jokes) sentry First off the reason there is 1 of them is the reason people risk themselves for it. Second off I have never seen someone fight over it. And third off it gives lightning protection. So not only does it make 2 seasons a complete joke but it makes 2 bosses a joke too. Mosling egg hammering/lightning spam and Mal splashing. An eyebrella and an umbrella combine while swapping off to a whirl fan is enough to keep you alive the first 4 days and the last 4 days of summer.
  3. First off that dumb hat is a godsend in spring and summer. Also pardon I meant the Feastclops. The event variant with the laser attacks. It drops a Christmas light
  4. It's very hard to design a skin,animate it, and make it playable. Now imagine doing that 3 times+adding the effect from blooming. Wormwood skins take 3x as long as a reg character and are probably alot more time consuming. You shouldnt expect many if not any skins involving him. We already have 3 very good ones anyway just be patient
  5. Because let's be real. If you get a good moon spawn you can bathbomb,make a base around it,move idol close, etc. You can make Maxwell and never worry about sanity,light, and food. Health wont be a problem cuz cooked stone gives 3 hp etc and comes in piles and with glass cutters you wont have to worry about hounds. Compared to ruins moon shows no threat Plus hotsprings heat you so even better
  6. Its a different idea with completely different mechanics. It is in no way a reskin. Not even a tweak. SW boats are in every way different Completely agree. Like imagine kinda like flups or tenticales but it's the crabs eyes and it charges you. Make it some sort of pseudo hyper aggressive threat. Because moon is very harmless rn
  7. Maybe prehistoric moon crabs but not crabbits. We need more danger there
  8. Prime apes would be a complete pain. Crabbits are reskinned rabbits. Palm treeguard would be nice ig? If they added a beach biome I can see it working. Floaty Boaty Knights would annihilate boats just because of the limited mobility. And the said you didnt have Hamlet but those tend to reproduce and completely take over their forests. So maybe a bad idea
  9. Or just let people do whatever. Don't act like everyone's on topic 100% of the time. Data mining isn't that serious so relax and just enjoy the Speculation which is in the title. @watermelen671 If you be toxic and drive off everyone who asks you are going to build a bad rep for this thread and for yourself. Just let them speculate so 50 other threads dont need to be made.
  10. Excuse me w h a t. Female makes sense but alien makes absolutely none. If you mean a lunar creature what could there be? Everything is plantlike. The closest thing to an alien we are getting is Wormwood
  11. Halloween Character....witch's laugh...Waverly maybe....or maybe Charlie throws a boon at them and that's why Webber and Wendy were scared. M a y b e I t s W i l t o n