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  1. Liquid reservoir duplicates liquid

    After further testing, it turns out the reservoir contents only decrease by 10kg at a time, so most of the time they do not decrease. This could be considered a UI bug: the contents *should* include any liquid that is waiting to go out when the pipe is blocked.
  2. I have a liquid valve -> reservoir -> another liquid valve. Both valves are set up 500g/s. I have verified this is the amount of liquid entering and leaving the reservoir. Yet the amount of liquid in the reservoir increases by 500g/s as well. It seems that if the output is constructed, instead of subtracting the actual amount flowing from the reservoir's contents, nothing is subtracted. The input to this decontamination system is another reservoir. That one suffers from the same bug - it currently has NO input, 500g/s is coming out, yet the stored quantity is not decreasing. The liquid comes out of the reservoir and also stays in it, duplicating it. Probably irrelevant details: * There's a long cooling loop somewhere along the pipeline. * The reservoir is immersed in chlorine gas for decontamination.