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  1. This is not a post about how the game looks terrible, In fact i think Introducing Don't starve to a region like china, Is pretty cool, infact, I believe some of the concepts we've seen for the game is pretty cool (I wont be surprised if people port features to dst), but i do worry about the people incharge of the game, Tencent is a Giant of a company in china, and China Doesn't have freedom of speech. I'm worried over how the chat will work, Will it all be Moderated? how will people for say, in the U.S do if they say anything ""offensive"" to a game ran by a Chinese tech giant, would they be restricted in any sort of way? to be honest it sounds like a disaster in the making if things are handled poorly, one thing im worried about how the servers will be ran, if the company incharge of it is located in china, This worries me over if the servers will be Laggy in people in other regions that are, for example, are in Europe, trying to play a Mobile game, that (hopefully not) Probably will be ran in china. being that its in the other side of the world. it could raise some problems. this isn't Supposed to be Fear mongering in any sort of way, all i ask is for klei to Be careful of what Tencent can or can't do, for what is, Probably Klei's biggest IPs. I very much hope that this game will succeed, but All i am doing is Voicing my Concerns. Thank you for reading all of this.
  2. I am aware of those mods, but one thing i am worried is how they will moderate the chat, being that china doesn't have freedom of speech, and the game is being run by a tech giant in china, I am worried about how kleis reputation will handle if something does end up going wrong with Moderation of some sorts.
  3. Honestly i just see the game as a way to introduce people from china to don't starve, but in terms of lore, i think its basically a alternate universe. so no, I dont think its gonna have anything with the lore of DS.
  4. So this takes place when wilson was stuck on the nightmare throne? okay i guess.
  5. I didnt even notice there was a beta, this sounds cool!
  6. Transforming into a form of Nothing but Ectoplasm Next!
  7. A shipwrecked meme cause you don't see em everyday.
  8. I also have another webber {bad} meme template but i cant think of any funnys for it so here, have fun.
  9. I think Hamlet memes are allowed. (hopefully)