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  1. Never seen a ruins so spread-out before! Featuring a toad spawner very close to the full APS
  2. It's our first time playing Gorge and we decided to make a small decoration.
  3. You need to use the clean sweeper to change the skin. Similar to how you change the skin of the tam.
  4. Sometimes you don't need to pass any obelisks to reach the gateway, then sometimes there is this... Don't Starve Together 2021-04-11 14-17-38_Trim.mp4
  5. Well that clears up my confusion. I wish it worked though, as I wanted to do a 'waste-processing' kind of build in my base. Thank you both for the replies!
  6. Probably not considered a bug, but when I tried to draw a mini sign of ocean debris (yeah I know, who would ever do that), the sign shows nothing even though upon examining it is called a 'Ocean Debris Sign'. Maybe there are more things in the game that doesn't have a mini sign and I can totally understand why it is a not a big deal. I mainly wanted to use it as a decoration and I hope this can be added.
  7. The update surely gave me some more ideas! I haven't really got the time to play much for many months. Here are some pics of my base which remains largely untouched since May, probably.
  8. Ahh that would make sense! Wish it wasn't like this but guess I have to use the relic table instead for decorations. Thanks!
  9. I found out a few days ago that you cannot place a Winter's Feast Table on a boat: I did a bit more testing and found out you also cannot build a Telelocator Focus on the boat. I understand that in the Telelocator's case it might be undesirable to teleport mobs to a boat but the Winter's Feast Table is (mostly) decorative. Would this be considered a bug?
  10. Just found out you cannot place the winter's feast table on a boat Edit: It seems that the oven and the tree planter can be placed on a boat without any problem. Does anyone know if this is intentional? I'm building a boat base and would really love to have a couple of these tables on a boat.
  11. Performance stage WIP: I will probably replace the carpeted floorings at the "entrance" with something else. They just don't fit there. When I put down the doors and walls I didn't think of turf placements first. Ah well... lesson learned. Another look: Backstage: Still thinking what other elements can be here, but I'm trying not to clutter the area. And here is Winona performing for a crowd of.... absolutely nobody That's it for now.