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  1. While singing wigfreds weaponized warble. It crashed twice.. Was fighting dragonfly and I'm split screen also holding hambat.ps4 ..I think it has something to do with the ham bat since it doesn't have durability
  2. Mines doing the same thing. My wife and I are split screen ,going to try it by myself So went in solo and ran around for a day no crash. Then went by bees .. No crash.. Collected honey.. It crashed . It's something with the bees I think
  3. Just an update. Ended up scraping that world started a new one doesn't seem to happen any more. I think it had something to do with the settings (world) because started a couple other worlds with the same settings like turning some things off it was doing the same thing. Also loading times were very very long. But this time kept some things on default and seems to work.I think it had something to do with the cave worms being turned off and attacks I think that was triggering something. Also tried it with different characters and it was doing the same thing
  4. Yes idk what's going on it seems to that it takes ten minutes to get in the caves the loading screen is so long.. Same thing when I launch my game people are already in it and in still loading and I'm the host
  5. Well it's my wife actually we play on two different ps4s same world and we tried joining a couple of public worlds and it didn't happen so maybe it's something on my end but it's only in cave. No CE error or anything just disconnect
  6. Wurt entering cave will disconnect and will never be able to join back unless rollback. so basically she go into caves