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  1. I didn't read everything in details, is the idea to make a long vertical column of scanners (instead of horizontal line) ? If yes I like that, please post a screenshot if it works Also doing the same with rockets is probably... well, an interesting idea as well.
  2. Hey, I am looking to make a 1 second timer, to activate a gaz shut-off to send only 1kg in a gaz pipe, per activation. This is what I currently have Filter is set to 0,7 linked to an XOR gate. When I trigger it manually, or watch it trigger on its own, it works fine. However if I do something else on the map and come back a few cycles later, the system clearly has been sending 2kg per activation. Is the circuit flawed or is it something else, like an off-screen weird issue perhaps (the whole thing is located at the very top right of the map, near both the right edge and the sky limit) ?
  3. I see a well made video. Yeah, the pilots just stop "being", in essence. They literally don't count anymore. I would not mind them having to rest after a flight, or refusing to take off without a rest. Or if the silo does not offer any protections (doors /cough). That would introduce the need for personnel rotations, however... currently, I do find that having them getting IN the capsule can also be a bit... finicky.
  4. Interesting... I need to digest that, there are some multi purpose signals (left side) but mostly not, so this could prove quite useful (looking at my picture, it's... it could use the help). I've been trying to simplify my circuits (not necessarily showing, here), is there a compendium of those alternate versions?
  5. Yes, the wiki is correct, down to the respite timings during showers. Also seasons still seem to be counted on every cycle start, meaning that you sometimes get false positives (that is to say, meteor scanners will sometimes emit green during the first day of peace, but nothing will fall), both I had occurred "the day after" a meteor season (iron season "11th" and gold "6th"). Also yes, Saturnus has probably removed his topic, the contraption was... not functional yet (well, everything was, except the self calibration). I asked him about that and next day topic was gone. Thanks It is a quite involved build and therefore best suited for end game I think, yes. However it has all the information one would need to do basically anything, in full auto. One could build a clock with as many ports as needed (just need heavy planning and space... I did not put my own in the best spot, in that regard). My clock has 14 ports and I use 13 I think... Overall my setup produced some sort of circular logic : automation and clock is what allow me to track the seasons and open my doors with 100% accuracy, however if everything is automated then I should have a rocket program that takes advantage of it. Meaning cargo trips in loops. The whole system has evolved around, and for that. Engine type hardly matters here, because it turns out, according to me anyway, the best destinations for this are the closest ones (replenish rate, travel time, frequency of launches and autonomy considered), so my rockets are sent to 10k and 30k asteroids. With their schedule, the expected depletion of their targets, aka the autonomy of the route, is 1228 cycles for the 10k ones, and 193 cycles for the 30k ones. That's the amount of time they can operate in full auto, before I need to change their destinations. Now, changing destinations every time is... well, the opposite of full auto. You would really not want your science rocket to get launched back to the same destination. I can't see it being a problem for the setup though, it's just a matter of knowing when you launch (say third day of peace season #2) and adding the travel time to that (say 37,8 cycles), meaning it would land the next long cycle, 3,8 cycles after it launched. Meaning this schedule sucks because it would land during a meteor shower. So foreseeing this you instead launch it during the very first day of peace time #2. And you set a port to track launch day + 3,8 cycles worth of 10g/s water, hook that to the scanners override and voila. That said, yes, it is not meant for exploring, it is meant for regular trips in full auto. I'm convinced power toggling is much simpler, lighter, I mean... just look at this : It's not exactly light, and that's only the clock... I know @bobe17 was working on a different clock that tracks safe windows of launch for many distances at once. Like... emits green when it's safe to go 10k, 50k and 120k (random numbers). That approach would probably work better for semi-auto & science, in the "early late game"
  6. I'm coming back to this. I did build a water clock, of Saturnus design (mostly - made it twice as large and changed the calibration / reset logic). The clock is set to follow the meteor seasons and automatically launches the rockets when they will come back into a peace period (that required scheduling on my part). And, obviously, close the silo doors after them. During peace periods, the water clocks automatically turns off all my meteor shower scanners (I have 6, for 100% network) to save power (I do have 6 of them...). However, when a rocket has been launched and is planned to return, then the system automatically overrides this for a brief period of time (400s) and turns all the meteor shower scanners ON again, as well as the concerned rocket scanner. Because this has been scheduled to always happen during a peace season (and quite long into it, so there can't be any regolith still being cleaned and blocking the sky - miners have had 2,5 cycles, since the very last shower possible, to clean it), firing the meteor scanner array is guaranteed to provide a 100% network quality, thus allowing the rocket scanner to emit a guaranteed 200s warning when a rocket is coming back. The system can thus command to open the silo doors on a reliable 160 seconds delay after that, and 40 seconds later, the silo doors are opened as the rockets get back in. Then, well then the system closes the silo doors of course (those doors...) as the rockets touch the ground (rocket scanner red signal), and makes them wait inside, under closed doors, for the end of the peace season (~1,3 cycle left). They automatically get refueled (one after the other) during the start of the next meteor shower (whichever it is, doesn't matter) and wait for the next peace season to, automatically, and simultaneously, launch again. It is full auto, with doors (that only open for letting a rocket fly by and will never be smashed). The overall wiring looks like this : (not done yet, only 2 rockets have been hooked, need 2 more. Also there's some "unnecessary" stuff, like a display for the clock.) In some places I went over-board with the wire bridges (especially under rocket scanners - top right) but it's meant to look nicer when you're not in automation interface : (not done either, but... this game can be very time demanding...) At any rate, it is indeed possible to always open bunker doors on time, for rockets landing. It is quite involved, but it can be achieved, in full auto, in vanilla, and without tricks. The good boy way. So thanks all for the suggestions, piling them up brought me there. I'm happy now
  7. Thanks mate. Were those in the university? I should have checked that anyway :>
  8. Title. Would like to have it start on green and stop on red. Projected uses would be to alert me map-wide when a single-destination rocket has returned, or when a cargo-rocket has "ran its course" (exhausted its target), but I'm sure one could think of many more cases.
  9. Oh, yeah. I always thought this was a pipe sensor for some reason. Never felt I had to use it either. But yeah, makes sense, thanks!
  10. Nice, good point. Very good point actually. Btw, I was curious about your gem harboring material stopper, could you elaborate?
  11. Yes, it would be. I had never even clicked on the thing before your post, I see now they require power and generate heat. I don't get what they do better than a door would. In fact they seem worse in every regards...
  12. Wh...huh? Can you make ceramic with regolith? I'm confused.
  13. Turns out i did put old underwear on my head, for halloween, when younger. Such comfort. I get what you say, good common sense too, however 2 things : - I like doors. And automation. Is a game. Also picture a little guy regularly sending rocks into your barrel. Not nice. - meteors drunk, cant fall straight. So while bunker tiles on ground are indeed good - they do mix quite well with insulated mafic, marking the spot nicely - if you go without doors, you will want those on the walls as well. Else walls go wtf. Do you have tall rockets? I do, they're 55 tiles tall. That's ~ 120 steel tiles just for 1 silo walls. 12 tons. 2 bunkers doors are worth one ton (that's twelve times cheaper). We do have a scanner that can detect returning rockets. What could this be for? Now you're talking to me. Yes... yeeeeeees, I can see it taking form now.