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  1. Of course. Thank you for your time by the way, I really do appreciate it. output_log.txt
  2. Followed all the steps. Game still crashes on launch. Though, I didn't actually have the file "modloader.dll" if that's relevant. It was, but that didn't fix anything. Thx for the advice anyways. The ransom protection is ignoring the game per my orders. Still crashing. If I just delete the entire folder and empty the trashbin, do you think that might work?
  3. Every time I attempt to open the game, it shows the Klei logo, and instantly cuts to the "your game crashed" screen. (The bug reporter there doesn't work either, but that's irrelevant.) So far I have attempted to verify the game cache, restart the game, restart Steam, start Steam in offline mode, restart my computer, uninstall and reinstall the game, and check my anti-virus for possibly blocking the game. None of these have succeeded in getting past or removing the bug. DxDiag.txt