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  1. When I deconstruct a solo spacefarer nosecone it drops all materials inside the nosecone including the steel and diamond that make up the interior walls.
  2. Doors will say "access restriction" in the status tab when there are no restrictions on any duplicants. These same doors will occasionally not let duplicants through it as if there is an access restriction. This bug can be temporarily fixed by restricting and then unrestricting the duplicant's permission, but the issue comes back often. This glitch might have to do with the fact that i have a lot of duplicants that died, yet i have not yet put them in tasteful memorials. Meaning there are a lot of duplicants that appear on the door permissions.
  3. My duplicant will run out of breath while in an atmo suit and then go look for a high oxygen environment to breath in. When there is plenty of oxygen in the atmo suit itself. The reason they are running out of breath is because the duplicant has slimelung, and therefore can't breath despite plenty of oxygen in the suit