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  1. "Klei retains full autonomy of creative and operations across all aspects of the studio" I love this part of the official statement, great PR. While Klei maintains control of those aspects, Tencent has majority control of who sits on Klei's Board of Directors who set those policies. Even if there are caveats, clauses and golden handshakes in the contractual negotiations, there's no way a mega corporation who buys a controlling interest in a small company would give up the rights that having a controlling interest brings. So in effect, while this statement is true, in practice it's almost completely irrelevant if Tencent wants it to be. Edit - I'm not saying Tencent will change things, just that they can.
  2. Terrible news. It is well documented and accepted that WeChat, one of Tencent's core businesses, was directly involved in the censoring of information from those brave doctors in Wuhan in December 2019 who attempted to warn the rest of China and the world of a potential new disease. Had that censoring not taken place, most probably at the behest of the CCP, then there was a chance that Covid could have been localised and stopped at it's source (as has happened in other cases), rather than becoming a world wide pandemic. Edit - Sadly, it's an all to familiar case of multi millionaires happy to sell their morals to become even richer.