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  1. After loading a save game one of the storage bins had changed its filter. I had set it to 'seeds' but after a reload 'raw materials' was suddenly checked as well. I've seen this happen two times now. There's no real pattern to it.
  2. Critter feeder auto set filters

    The thing is that you can deselect Vole from the list and it will stay deselected. Indicating Voles cant eat from it. If it actually works as you say then the selection of critters is pointless. It should essentially just be a list of materials for selection. Some other way of indicating what critter is affected by the material selection could then be added.
  3. I'm not sure if this is new but I haven't seen it before. It is apparently possible for a dupe to steal items from critters. As such I observed a dupe snatch a seed from a pip and more disturbingly a dupe that ...ahem...sucked a lump of slime out of a puft. Somehow doesn't seem right
  4. When setting material filter for a critter feeder it auto add some filters. Eg. I set 'dirt' for hatchling and hatch. When checking the feeder later filters for other hatch types have been added as well. While that may be deliberate why has it also added a filter for vole pups ? Furthermore the principle of not showing the auto added filters until you close the selection screen and then reopening it is a bit questionable.
  5. Tutorial videos are black (on Linux?)

    Still black on latest ONI update. (OS:Ubuntu 18.04)
  6. Green blot

    Got the same thing. In my case the blot appears and depending on where the map is centered. Ie. when it show up and I scroll the map slightly up or down it disappears and appear again if I return to the spot. So its not completely random. And reloading removes the problem.
  7. But geoactive does not add volcanoes, just vents and geysers according to the description. Perhaps in real life there'd be a connection but this is a game
  8. Don't know if its ever been fixed, but it does it in latest version.
  9. How about a bit of logic in the world generation randomizer. Sometimes the randomizer create worlds like geoactive + geodormant. So....average vents I guess Metal rich + metal poor. Again...normal. Mixed boulders + small boulders. Kind of excessive. etc.
  10. I no longer have a save where it goes really nuts (like every 10-15 sec) but I have a save that illustrates it. Notice that the critter starvation number is going up and down constantly. Notice also that some of the Pufts are elderly so they have been living their entire life in this environment. So clearly they are not actually starving. A suggestion would be to have 2 notification modes. One with sound and bounce ani and one where it just appears. Then have a rule that say a given notification type is shown in normal mode on first occurrence per cycle and than in discrete mode the rest of the cycle. That would help a lot. It could be valid for all info/warnings except suffocating and incapacitated. (because it sometimes is the same problem with dupe starving etc. That said - a sound setting would be nice as well. Differently from this problem, I have sometimes seen situations where it appears to be an actual bug where it just pop's on loop (restarting game then fixes it). But I cant reproduce that. Btw nice compression on save games. A rare and appreciated thing. Thanks Burgeoning Crater Cycle 128.sav
  11. Often I have a game where eg. a group of pufts are only just surviving or where dupe food production is edgy and then you'll get.. POP Critter starvation POP Critter starvation POP Critter starvation POP Critter starvation POP Critter starvation POP Critter starvation POP Critter starvation POP Critter starvation POP Critter starvation (and similar for food) I have to play the game muted because it just gets so ...... annoying. Could you at least add a setting to disable the sounds for the notifications ?