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  1. I was just thinking of a cool idea that would slightly increase the amount of players entering the game just to see what is going on. This consists in a random weavable skin becoming on sale for a whole week, the sale is always about 2/3 of the original price. So an Elegant skin would cost 900 spools instead of 1350, Distinguished 300 instead of 450, Spiffy 100 instead of 150 and Classy being 30 instead 45. It resets the same day skin drops are reseted. I also calculated the chances of that skin getting on sale each week: Classy: 38,8% Spiffy: 29,7% Distinguished: 20,9% Elegant: 10,6% Common: 0% My math doesn’t sound that accurate according to the real skin drop chance but I think you got the idea. I really don’t mean to sound greedy in any way, I just thought it would be nice to share my idea since almost every skin in this game looks dope and I cant buy all of them