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I bought don't starve on the PS4 and had no idea what it was. I was basically playing the game blind and it didn't help that I came down with a fever at the same time. So my start with it was terrible but usually when games are hard it encourages me to try harder, which is probably why I like the game so much, also the fact that I never just get to enjoy games for myself without hearing about it all over the internet.

So basically, because I never heard of it, I (of course) had no idea what was going on but quickly learned everything wants to kill me,  but that didn't stop me from being completely stupid and thinking stuff like "it's just a green mushroom what could possibly happen?" and  "summer sounds like a delight, not cold, and bearger free!" and the good old "That's one big black tumbleweed on a birds nest" while getting closer to inspect it (and pet it) only for it to grow legs and omae wa, mou shindeiru me. I also make "spicy" memes. Spicy being in quotes because i'm not funny.