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  1. when someone asks why I bother hatching tallbirds
  2. Minecraft youtubers raiding peoples bases like
  3. Me: chillin in my base Dragonfly: shows up My base:
  4. My previous post on here, disregard that. It's day 2 and I just found the portal. Me to myself:
  5. Me making a new savefile as if it's gonna be better this time around and i'm gonna win Long story short, that didn't happen. I havent actually played ds in a while cuz I decided to just not to I guess, so- aw man, here we go again.
  6. Hello I live. I have bought Ark survival evolved because "yay dinosaurs" and then decided to take a break so I bought a game at random called Rain World so I could chill out.........................................................I swear ive died less playing Bloodborne than this game. Me: *gives weird lanky dude a shiny rock I found* Weird lanky dude: *likes it and picks it up* Also me: "Oh so you like thos-" The guy:
  7. When you're all Wes and don't know if the boss is coming or not
  8. Wym I saw this happen once while I was unfortunate enough to be throwing antlers in a sack because idk what it did and deerclops just strolled up at that same moment and deerclops got slaughtered. Now get people to spam inspect.
  9. Server person went afk for a bit as a ghost and I had finally gained their trust that I could survive for more than 10 minutes, then this merm strolls up, chases me, won't stop, I need to eat because i'm starving but I can't eat because the eat animation takes too long and they can hit me, my health is low, I die, server restarts, their friend joins, they ask what happened, I explain, they somehow chill about it, I leave before they kill me verbally.
  10. When you come back from a touch stone going to face the same danger that killed you just to get your stuff back.
  11. Running through a killer bee field bee like