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  1. I would like to give a skin to a friend of mine, but is it possibile to make a gift to a friend? One of those in the shop Good day and thank you for your answers.
  2. Everytime we (me and my team) start a New whole world we have always the same mission. Slain all bosses (at least once) and meanwhile survive. So without the caves we can't complete our mission!!!
  3. So here we are. There are only two possibilities: 1) Klei hates fish or... 2) All the fish in the world are dark demon creatures because THEY HAVE NO SOUL!!! Beware the fish!!!
  4. Hello everyone =P So my question is: What do you think about Moggles? I guess that is an amazing hat probably far better than Miner Hat, do you use it? I crafted it in my last run, but I don't understand how to repair/refuel it =/
  5. She can't see while it's morning time!!! Maybe she could sees completely white screen and maybe lose health over time coz of light damaging her eyes unless you equip some sort of eye's protector
  6. Yeah, I agree. I did it once on ps3 to get a trophy and nevermore. I guess that it is another in-game content that should be "patched/changed".
  7. Done! But he will probably come back again with the next full moon... Watch out Mothling!!! Beware the Glomglom...
  8. Apparently 7 is the maximun number of possible tags, sorry mothling
  9. Hello everyone! =) I think they are very pretty but I almost never used them because they are completely useless in game =(. I mean... Will you ever wear an amazing in-game hat that gives you nothing than be so cool? I guess that the critters appers like a sort of beta right now, in my opinion they could have some more impactful traits. I dunno, maybe something like Scrappy Varglings could give you bonus damage when hitting monster or the Playful Kittykit could give a little sanity aura? So my question again... What do you think about Critters? I think they could be amazing but right now they are... Meh
  10. What do you think about a rideable Koalefant and Winter Koalefant? =P
  11. Hello Klei and hello everyone, what do you think about this... Do you like the idea to be able to put a saddle on Koalaphant and Winter Koalaphant? I guess that this could be a very nice update =P