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  1. Same issue for me. Needs to be addressed by dev team publicly and take steps to fix.
  2. Every single PS4 player I’ve come across has this issue. Why is this not discussed about amongst dev team or acknowledged to player base. Your game is broken, the caves are inaccessible for anyone playing multiplayer online. Don’t starve TOGETHER is the premise correct? Well then pls answer me as to why this is still an issue an if so our whole team of 15-18 want a refund. This is recreated or every single server it’s known among the community to not go in caves so half the map or more is inaccessible wtf? Please shed some light on this for me because it seems like there’s no plan to address the situation and if so then I’m done.
  3. I have the same issue disgusting that every single player on PS4 is experiencing the same. Every server I join, some are even called ‘broken caves’ and yet this is still not fixed. Or even acknowledged by the devs with no information.