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  1. Who's next?

    I don't think they've released anything on that yet - Wendy seems to be the most called for, but that doesn't guarantee anything. Gotta say I am partially biased on characters I like and who I'd want to see. Wagstaff in particular has me very interested, seeing how he's got some quotes and lines that make me wonder just what we actually know (or, can speculate) in the Constant. I can also agree I'd enjoy seeing Wilba, I like her character and dynamic (even though it seems like Wormwood and Warly coming from Ham / SW seems like it may very well be a one time thing - since if I recall correctly there wasn't anything said about porting/reworking All of the Ham/SW characters , but who knows .. Klei surprises us sometimes ) While the other part does think it's potentially more likely for a refresh of someone rather than a brand new character (since there may or may not be patterns to how Klei implements each) ... I'm not going to act like I wouldn't be interested in seeing a new character (especially with potential new lore and whatnot)
  2. While the concept definitely has me intrigued, I gotta say I'm not too keen on that alone. There'd have to be something worthwhile, otherwise it would likely not be well received or anything new/fun - assuming they even could easily implement something like it ( *easily meaning it wouldn't require a mass rework of the game/game engine itself). Plus, it's good to keep in mind that Reign of Them's updates aren't finished, and perhaps some of the new updates with it may introduce something similar. Either way, though, it is interesting to think about, a possibility or not