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  1. Is the solidified magma a problem, actually? I'm not sure on the mechanics, but those solidified tiles should still be 1200-1300 degrees and transferring heat, yeah? They'll still allow heat transfer from the magma to the steam room, it's just a natural byproduct of you using that thermal energy. Magma pools have a set volume of thermal energy, and theoretically you'd convert the pool to igneous rock as you use up that energy. You could build it more efficiently so it doesn't consume just a tail of the pool, either by accessing the side or bottom of a large pool, but I don't know that the igneous rock solidifying is the death of the build, more that it's a reminder that you're building a temporary build consuming a nonrenewable resource.
  2. that's a nice boulder..

    "Uhh, Jimmy? Where'd we put that really, really big slickster egg? I think we gon' need it."
  3. You've got magma exposed directly to your steam room, which means you can't efficiently regulate heat coming in to your steam room. The metal tiles / door / diamond windows segment is meant to allow you to throttle heat entering the chamber, but the exposed magma means you can't actually throttle the heat intake all the way. That means everything could start boilin' and you wouldn't be able to stop or fix it. Overall, nice build! A couple of holes in the design atm, but its progress!
  4. It is a community forum, and they are a member of the community. People providing feedback on how you interact in the community and respectfully letting you know is not them establishing a dictatorship, it is people providing you information regarding your own position as a member of the community. Please stop indicating that people inside the community are not allowed to comment on your interaction within this community.
  5. I'd speculate that the barrage of basic questions with the implication that either the game is bugged or it is some issue with the design itself, and not the OP's fault. It feels as though gaucho_tche would benefit from a 'simple questions, simple answers' thread. Though I don't mean to offend, the attitude honestly reminds me of playing MMOs as a kid and having the users who would spam chat asking for handouts instead of putting the work in to earn it themselves. (@gaucho_tche you're obviously more respectful and better spoken than that, I'm just speculating on why your methods of thread creation might rub people the wrong way)
  6. +500 decor bonus is effectively the same as +150 in most cases, so situations where you would need the decor bonus a longhair slickster provides to reach the +12 morale from decor cap are super rare, if not nonexistant. I guess you could use them in a mechanical room where you have no foreground tiles left to build on, but in most cases there are better sources of positive decor. ...unless I'm mistaken and locking a dupe in a room with really high (500+) decor would ramp up their average decor at a reasonable pace? Not 100% tbh, i seem to remember there being an effective cap on decor.
  7. I find setting up a small slime disinfecting chamber super painless! From left to right : 1 : Build that shape, and fill the polluted water tile with any liquid. 2 : Destroy those tiles, leaving you with a vacuum 3 : Put bleachstone in the storage bin, let it offgas until the vacuum is filled with 1800g chlorine gas per tile 4 : Move the bleachstone elsewhere, and set slime on a high priority I usually set up one of these just next to my base whenever I'm gonna crack open a slime biome. They're basically free and immediately accessible, and help me with my OCD.
  8. They exude a decor bonus and consume oxygen. Their rate of consumption of o2 is half that of a default dupe, and while the decor bonus is substantial (+50), it is offset by both decor bonus caps, and other decor bonuses not having any consumption They weigh 400lbs and are cute, though!
  9. I think most things people build in games aren't original in the first place. I certainly didn't conceive of the SPOM, yet my bases will always have one or two. I know how to use steam turbines now, but only because I looked at how other people used them first. I didn't come up with any infinite element storages, but now I know a few... I could go on, but the point isn't "People will stumble upon this themselves and break the game", it's the youtube video with big yellow letters saying "You won't BELIEVE this source of INFINITE POWER" that will bring it into peoples' games and flatten a lot of design space by potentially obsoleting other power sources. THAT is just in defense of saturnus' point, though. Gravity generator is problematic because escher waterfalls, but there are design tweaks you could add depending on what you want its function to be in the game. Want it to be an early game waterwheel? Add a mandatory maintenance meter to it, so while it can produce power 'for free' with an exploit, your dupes will still have to repair/maintain it every 10 gigawatts it produces (or whatever). Similar to oil wells, except without the natural gas. Want it to be a late-game sci-fi-tech pressure-based generator? Then you're looking more at what Tonyroid is talking about, with a complex set of limitations to allow it to be cool and useful, but not render other sources of power obsolete. What I want is a goofy long-legged-frog creature that will occasionally operate hamster wheels if there are hamster wheels available, and otherwise consume some food-source and poop something not-that-valuable. It'd only be for early-mid game power, and realistically it would always be more efficient to just print more dupes, but... it sounds goofy and fun, and I want it.
  10. Universally delicious fish sounds pretty good to me! Gimme a whole farm of gulp fish, I want ph20 a lot less in real life than I do ONI!
  11. Duplicant Penitentiary

    Hmm. I think I know of a totally-not-evil megacorporation that could make good use of this technology. I think I'll let them know, and let them know where the information came from. Your payment, as always, will be in curiously cheap power of dubious sourcing.
  12. The game is largely about efficiency and optimization. This is a logical, useful, and entertaining continuation of that, no?
  13. Stupid-simple waterlock

    I'll be happy to add temperature controls to the design to make it permanent, but such things are well beyond my purview. If y'all puzzle it out in a stable way, I'll happily relay that info into the OP. Speaking of which, I should also include a bunch of credits
  14. It is possible that I'm dumb, and you cannot build valves under bridges, but if you can build a liquid valve replacing the vertical pipes connecting (1)'s input to (2)'s output, that would also correct the backflow issue without taking up more space. Just leave the valve wide open!
  15. My SPOM has 7 bottom-fed wheezeworts cooling a room full of 2kg of hydrogen that cools the oxygen as it comes out of the SPOM. The output temperatures for the oxygen itself is -55c, the system has been running for about 300 cycles, and the ambient temperature of most of (the residential areas of my) base hovers around 26c, at cycle 340. If I needed more precise locations of cooling early game, I'd definitely be looking at wheezeworts. They have a decent labour cost, but they're pretty effective at cooling. Also worth noting, my system is horrendously far from optimized. With 7 wheezeworts and a SPOM, I feel like I could have the ambient temperature of my base kept at ~20c fairly easily. As-is I leak a ton of cold pretty much all over the place, instead of directing that -55c oxygen only to where I need it.