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  1. ok, I just see the new patch. that was fast. thank you. upon quick test , Soda Foutain already work. Hot tub already work(no more quickly vaporize bleach stone). but I don't known exact temperature of water it need. Beach chair still got same issues and I test it more , dupe even ignore work schdule.(slacker) just see this thing. it's huge and seem to be unfinished. not sure if dev. aware of , if Dupe use it , Dupe will get popped eardrum side effect. that kind counter purpose of this building. it's cause by the inside overpressure around 7Kg+ of gas/tile. Sauna is working. but I am kindda confuse. it can store 50 Kg of steam and use 25Kg for single use but dupe won't use it when steam drop to 25Kg. I am not sure what I do wrong or How Dupe prioritize recreation building.
  2. thank you but I think I will move on start on harder asteroid , testing new recreation pack or play another game.
  3. ok , there is one things that I still did not saw other people report. Dupe that use beach chair ignore bedtime schedule. they stay on beach chair until progress bar complete. and that quiet a long time. 3 bedtimes slot still not long enough for them to go to bed(aka. finish progess bar) I assume that is more than 45 second (and that already next to new ligh pole that bright as sun, I am not sure light would effect this kind of progess bar or not)
  4. That is very anticlimactic. My 600+hr got deleted by Temporal Tear.
  5. I have reached the Temporal Tear. And.... nothing happened. The rocket return to the home. All my dupes still there. According to in-game dialogue,I thought there aren't gonna come back. Does I do anything wrong!? Or it's just that!?! The achievement is unlock and the entry log is update when rocket is launched. My rocket don't have research module. instead, I install sightseeing module and take extra dupe to go there. PS. Sorry for my brokeh English language.
  6. so the animation does not match actual place . interesting, I just need to change sensor place or use weight sensor on the spot. thank you.
  7. Duplicant motion sensor does not detect while duplicant use Rock Crusher? is that normal ? or a bug? I use a motion sensor to turn on the overhead light. it works on many machines, stations, toilets, shower, etc. but for Rock Crusher it seems to be the only one that does not work. when dupe walks to it or passes it. it detected but when dupe starts working on it. it stops detect dupe.