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  1. ok, I just see the new patch. that was fast. thank you. upon quick test , Soda Foutain already work. Hot tub already work(no more quickly vaporize bleach stone). but I don't known exact temperature of water it need. Beach chair still got same issues and I test it more , dupe even ignore work schdule.(slacker) just see this thing. it's huge and seem to be unfinished. not sure if dev. aware of , if Dupe use it , Dupe will get popped eardrum side effect. that kind counter purpose of this building. it's cause by the inside overpressure around 7Kg+ of gas/tile. Sauna is working. but I am kindda confuse. it can store 50 Kg of steam and use 25Kg for single use but dupe won't use it when steam drop to 25Kg. I am not sure what I do wrong or How Dupe prioritize recreation building.
  2. ok , there is one things that I still did not saw other people report. Dupe that use beach chair ignore bedtime schedule. they stay on beach chair until progress bar complete. and that quiet a long time. 3 bedtimes slot still not long enough for them to go to bed(aka. finish progess bar) I assume that is more than 45 second (and that already next to new ligh pole that bright as sun, I am not sure light would effect this kind of progess bar or not)