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  1. The character balance point is moot because wicker and wolf has been in the game for years and are far better then any of the new players, thats why they need reworked anyway. Game has always been pretty easy once you figure things out, id be down for harder setting but i dont think this is a result of what klei has been doing recently rather then just the way the game always was. Its always been hard to starve and combat has always been easy, ever since i got started back in RoG.
  2. Since everyone decided to spam instead of provide useful information ill try to be constructive to klei. I love the CONTENT that you guys add but there seems to be a disconnect with the character balance. Wicker, Wolf and Wortox reign so far above the rest its somewhat absurd, and i think the real reason for this is that food isnt important in DST. Its the rare materials and items that really matter, starving can feel pretty difficult once you become accustomed. So while woodie losing all his hunger for going into the form is in my opinion a stupid downside, its not very relevant since food is plentiful. Now what i dont appreciate is the length of these forms. They are far too short and although monster meat is plentiful you would need a ton of it to use these forms actively which is not going towards Bacon and Eggs, stews and otherwise. This would be fine if the form provided some major benefit but it doesnt. The beaver form feels rather useless now, as a massively over expensive way to collect wood. I really dont have much to add, it just doesnt feel as though it belongs anymore. The Goose form moving fast seems nice until you realize that mighty wolfgangs speed boost even without road or cane is massively more efficient on resources. Although they are plentiful for balance sake i think if you need more input you should get more output. Not being able to access your inventory, needing specific food and really having no combat in the forms makes it feel like a gimped wolf, which is really the core issue here. Wolf can stack move speed buffs more effectively and kite with them, while using less and a wider variety or resources, making this specialized form less effective then a passive. The Moose i wont spend much time on, but you cant heal in the form, its duration is dreadfully short and its not even that great at combat, since its equivalent to a wood suit and ham bat which are very easily obtained and mass farmable items. Wolfgang can do so much more with less input, and wig has better combat at spawn. I understand that woodie isnt a character specialized for combat but with how expensive these forms are it feels as though they should excel more at their task. So in short, hes a character that takes more to do less then others. Hes worse at gathering wood then max, worse at fighting then Wolf or even wig while using the forms and suffers more sanity loss at all times which can be very annoying during important fights while not allowing you to control your sanity to farm nfuel like max or even wes. I suppose you could say hes a jack of all trades, but something about this setup doesn't feel right to me with how expensive it can feel, since he only really excels at gathering living logs. My proposal, bring back a wood meter or similar other mechanics to allow him to extend his forms. The goose form should last a very long time and give him defensive bonuses while being cheap to activate, and night vision of course. Make it a form for exploration and perhaps getaways. The moose form should be relatively much more expensive to activate then the goose but provide some form of staggering combat bonus, making him a powerful option for combat, albeit and overly expensive and inconsistent one. As for the beaver form, i feel it should actually operate exactly as it used to. It would allow him to gather wood as he used to, although only have the log meter in the form and have it be activated using a idol that is 4 logs or some such. This would allow the players who preferred woodie as he was previously to maintain most of his features, while having new ones.
  3. Edit: Accidently posted twice. Delete this