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  1. You're amazing Sorry I didn't see this post until now... Funny thing is I saw your amazing new conveyor sensors mod, and decided to check this post, and low and behold... you did it! lol I missed it because it says modified storage on steam, and to be honest, that doesn't do this justice. To me, modified storage is just a simple increase in capacity or something. What you did, is game changing in what you can do with refrigerators and smart bins. You actually made them smart! Only want to make lime when you can make 50 of them? you got it! Want to cook in batches and not have to micro manage it? You got it! Brilliant, thank you so much for this!
  2. Wow, I can't believe you're backing this dudes behavior on this forum. He's rude and pushy with his behavior for one. Doesn't take the time to figure out anything on his own, and wants everyone to just hand him designs, send him save files, etc, etc, etc. I was personally ecstatic when I saw @biopon give him a little piece of his mind.
  3. 2 critter drop offs and 2 rooms, 1 in the room with all the pufts set to auto wrangle above a threshold, and the second in a room set to 1 critter only and NOT auto wrangle. Dupes will keep taking one at a time to the second room provided you kill the one that is allowed. Might take some time if you have well over 20 critters in the first room though.
  4. Yea, been there, tried that, got frustrated, moved onto blocking off the egg(s) with a tile. I do the below in pretty much all my ranches now. I block off the egg(s), and feed via dispenser once a day for 1%, and block dupe access the for the next 5% to prevent them from trying to fill the dispensers.
  5. No worries mate! I thought this was right up your alley considering it was the same functionality request. I would love to get into modding, I use to be a VB and COBOL programmer ages ago, I just have no idea where to start with how to "mod" Where did you start?
  6. I hear ya man... pretty soon, I'm going to lock all my dupes in their bedrooms and have everything automated. I just wish we had an option on everything that a dupe can interact with to turn off/on manual use like converyor loaders. It would save me so much headache to not have to worry about them doing something I don't want them to do and leave it to automation like I intended. Certain storage bins, putting sand in sieves, kilns, distillers, etc, etc, etc. let me turn off manual use!
  7. I love it! I've never made a one tile liquid lock, how do you do that? Never mind on the how... I just figured it out like 2 seconds after I posted that
  8. I would message this guy. I love my new smart reservoir and would love to have what you requested! Works just like a smart battery. @Ktoblin Are you out there? How hard would it be to make smart storage bins and refrigerators use the high/low thresholds like the smart batteries as well? Thank you again for the new reservoirs!
  9. A couple reasons; the OCD part for one I can't stand seeing germs anywhere, it's literally a trigger. Second, I thought dupes would contract slimelung if any food had the slightest germs on it, so I go out of my way to make sure a single germ never enters my base. First it's the atmo dock, then the ladders, then it's they didn't wash their hands, and bam, all over the food. Am I mistaken about how they contract the disease? I've never had a dupe get it.
  10. Thank you for the heads up on the germ sensors not detecting germs on debris. I'll just put a sink in that little nook and store the stuff in there until the slimelung is dead. Thanks again!
  11. Hello, I was trying something different when I decided to clear out a slime biome, and put a checkpoint with chlorine and germ sensors to prevent dupes from going through until surface germs are clear, but it's not working how I thought. My first test of a dupe going through with surface germs on him and a piece of algae the germ sensor didn't detect anything. I really don't want to use sanitizers to prevent chlorine from bleach stone getting in the vacuum around my base, and I didn't want to use scrubbers also, as it takes like 6 of them to clean one piece of algae sometimes. I don't like carrying slimelung into the base water cleaning room either as it spreads all over ladders. Did I set this up wrong, or do germ sensors not detect surface germs like I thought? Thank you in advance for any advice. Loco
  12. This is what I use for many notifications, including returning rockets.
  13. Checkpoint for supply

    I just want a mod that I can check a box like conveyor loaders to prevent manual use on normal storage. That would solve SOOOO much frustration. Would fix the emitting ores, and for some reason for me, SAND! Sand everywhere, SAND, SAND, SAND!!! I have sweepers everywhere with storage with sand, but I still see sand dropped everywhere. Makes me want to punch my monitor...
  14. Thanks for the thread, I was literally just having the same issue last night. My pacu dump tank was getting so many fish in it, I wanted to see how many, so I closed it off with a door, and put a critter sensor in it to see how many... I started with 12, and now I had 55 since I started automating. I liked to keep checking on it to see it grow, but it wasn't anymore... it was shrinking! Now it's at 20 something. Stupid door.
  15. For me, I have zero interest in your sandbox build so it's not much better for me, and I personally would like to cool it that much. Thanks for posting @Tonyroid, I was looking for an awesome way to cool regolith. Awesome video as well, especially since you took the the time to show how to build it in survival. It's so boring seeing sandbox build after sandbox build with a few 2 second gifs to make it look cool.