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  1. so I figured out the mod, by changing some values. Made athletic gain 500% xp, then made strenght gain 250%, then made the stat limit 20, default in the mod is 50, pretty sure normal limit is 20. People maxed out athletic in about 3-4 days, and all go strenght around 10-12 in a week, and went up relatively slowly from there. Seems good enough for me. Thanks~
  2. well, I tried a bunch, and have no idea how ot make it work. The multiplier on xp don't work, and the only thing I got worki9ng was the starting stats, but it's global, not just 1 stat. So they either start with 20 in all stats, or 0 in all stats. If anyone has any idea how to make it affect only athletic, i'd appreciate.
  3. Allright, first one seems exactly perfect. I'll just give +10 athletic to everyone, and see how that goes. Thank you~
  4. I asked on steam about 6 months ago(and a few hours ago again), never got a response there, figured i'd try here. I'd want a simple mod, to boost movement speed. About 50% faster walk/climb speed. I'm currently trying to read up on how to even make a mod, and see if I could pull it off, but most search somehow leads me back to this site, so I'm a bit low onhope to do it myself.