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  1. As we started talking about automation, my dream is that at some point there will be automation possible based not on just red/green signal but on data and computations. I want sensors capable of sending a number or other data, logical units capable of processing those data. e.g. compare 2 temperature values and do action based on which one is higher. Or add values from multiple weight plates and then use it for automation. And many many other use cases. Something like this is present in Factory Town, but there it has pretty limited application. Though it could really shine in ONI allowing to create self balancing systems. Dreams, dreams...
  2. I disagree that research reactor is THE intended way to create radbolts, Which is considering the amount of different radiation sources is just not true. To me research reactor looks more like very complex solution allowing to create firstly massive amounts of power AND radiation among with different byproducts. Radbolt collider on the other hand is more compact solution which can only produce radiation and radbolts spending a lot of electricity to work. Also there are lot's of different ways to produce radbolts, As for abusing poorly balanced game mechanics - I actually see it as a good thing. It helps to make it clear that such mechanic needs correction. And the more it abused the sooner it will be fixed. And if developers do not bother to fix some vastly abused mechanic - then what do we really know about their intended way of things to be
  3. If such building would be available I would wish it becomes available on the very late stage of the game. Far beyond visco gel. Most of the fun of this game is in using game mechanics and game physics to your advantage. Liquid locks (especially stackable ones) petroleum and gas boilers, heat exchangers, bead pumps - all this is why I like ONI. I would really like to see more of this (Maybe some chemistry in future?). Replace all of that with boring buildings and game loses 90% of the fun..
  4. I'm not sure those can be considered as exploits. (Well, maybe except of "Unpowered incubator lullabying"). Everything else is direct consequence of ONI physics. And the way how it works makes me think that it was done deliberately in that way. The fact that it conflicts with real world physics means nothing. Klei have deliberately created world with physics somewhat different and it's part of what makes the game so interesting. And exploiting weird physics is what humans do. E.g. there are lot's of weird stuff happens in quantum physics or in general relativity which intuitively is just wrong. That doesn't stop us from creating lasers, GPS, quantum computers (they are far from useful yet, but they do exist) and other cool things, which rely in those effects.
  5. Well, modern GPU's can not only render graphics but also perform calculations. They are really good in making a lot of simple calculations in parallel. Like e.g. calculating interactions between tiles (which currently causes a lot of lag in a late game). I believe that utilizing GPU for that would be really beneficial for performance.