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  1. Not a Bug...a suggestion and plea for more options re: the new scrollable resource list I get why this was made scrollable, so that it fits on small screen sizes. However on large screen sizes, this makes it more difficult to use this feature. I play in 4k, and at 4k even the old resource list hardly took up any room on my display. I would frequently expand multiple sections out to make it easy to see the status of my resources. Now I can't. Now I'm limited to the size of the preset limit the list will allow the box to expand to before it starts to force scrolling. Please give us the option to do away with this limit or set it so that the list will take up all the space on the right side down to where the action buttons are at. Please let me use my high resolution monitor to display ALL the info I want to display! Love the game and this is really the only thing I've ever had to gripe about.