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  1. Think found a bug with latest patch. Got an automated fertilizer system that feeds the fertilizer to a conveyor rail that then dumps into the middle of my base. In the middle of the belt, have a sweeper adding meat + pokehsell molts. All of the pokeshell molts appear to be turning to genetic ooze when loaded on to the belt. Never seen this before. The belt is moving from left to right, can see 2 genetic ooze packets followed by 1 fertilizer packet. When the belt dumps the genetic ooze to a tile at end of belt, the genetic ooze turns back into a molt. --Edit : This isn't new bug, this is just another aspect of the chill pill bug.
  2. Automated Alert System

    cool alert method!
  3. Salt Water purpose

    bobbles, please read my edited original post. My first statement about oil wells using salt water was not entirely correct. While salt water can go into an oil well, no oil is produced. Only natural gas. Seems a bug that: 1. The oil well accepts salt water but doesn't use it 2. The graphic, power joules draw still continue even though no oil produced 3. Natural gas is produced. Bugs aside, an oil well SHOULD allow salt water to be perfectly legit. Oil wells use salt water in real life. From my understanding of oil wells, salt water is preferred.
  4. EDIT: This original post was incorrect. The oil well accepts the salt water and keeps pumping but no oil comes out. Thought it was working as most buildings croak and take damage when incorrect materials are supplied. The oil well appears to still work with salt water as the pump graphic is operating, but it doesn't produce oil... Thinking this was the intent by the designer. However, there appears to bug in that natural gas still comes out and pressure still builds. So you can run the oil well forever with 20KG of salt water, but will only get natural gas in return. ORIGINAL POST: The use for salt water seems a mystery, but found something tonight. Salt water can be used by oil wells. Maybe some folks already knew this, but didn't see this spelled out in the game docs, in either wiki or the online ONI database. Hurray for salt water into oil wells! The in game manual says "clean water", guess that only excludes polluted water. Anyhow, pretty happy with this cause I have 3 salt water geysers on current.
  5. Stupid-simple waterlock

    This topic bit me recently, dupes carrying things back to storage bins though airlocks. 1. Create a traditional airlock out of petroleum say like in the oil biome, especially with vacuum on a super hot side. 2. Have a materials inside the superheat side touch magma, superheated to like 1000C (such a steel/diamond tile that gets destroyed cause realized better optimal placement) 3. Now sweep the superheated materials Spend an hour or so determine what the heck caused your petroleum airlock to vaporize to sour gas. Oh my, great idea
  6. Had same thing happen to me. Suggest digging further into the oil biome searching for heat. Then the steam will be hot enough to run turbines. I ran 2 turbines for about 400 cycles, 1 of the 2 was putting out constant 850 watts. Down to 1 turbine putting out about 250 watt at the moment.
  7. Transit Tubes

    That mod is on the right track, but the implementation needs work. Think about this: If a tube is a large enough to fit a person inside, there is surely enough strength and room to toss on a few rungs on the outside of the tube. As this is plastic, the rungs would actually probably be little steps molded right into the plastic as part of the mold in real life. Bet if google long enough, can even find real life pics of this where there is attached rungs for climbing on the outside of large tubes. There needs to be a new item(that probably requires steel or some metals) that has an integrated tube+ladder for verticals. For game play reasons, the cost in plastic should be pretty high. Or even add some metal in if thing the rungs might be metal. (but as mentioned above, most likely in real life these small vertical steps would be part of the plastic mold).
  8. Searched the forums, read a lot of old posts about transit tubes. Seems to be a lot of concerns and complaints with the transit tube system implementation needing improvement. Biggest peeve I have with these transit tubes is the tube interaction with ladders and fire poles. Such a pain and not in a good way to have to deal with this interaction of tubes with ladders/poles. Transit tubes or maybe a new transit tube crossing part should be able to cross over a ladder or fire pole so they both exist in the same space. Heck, why not allow the transit tube to fully exist in the same space as at least a fire pole or a ladder, maybe both. Then you can route the tubes and the poles together. I get the 2 tile requirement to turn corners, etc. But this inability to cross over a ladder(at least) without breaking the ladder flow along with the 2 tile system for turning corners is just a PIA. Guess the thought process here is eventually need to scrap all the ladders and poles systems built over time and totally replace with tubes. Thing is, need backup systems of at ladders for when tube system fails. Where is the petition to stop the designers inhaling the polluted O2?
  9. My reason for venting is also getting rid of unwanted gas, but what I found is that so much of the gas being vented was cool that I started routing it through the main base and some other areas to collect heat on the way out. My main power brick is cooled by a single aquatuner so well, that the whole brick included petro generator stays around -5C. This makes all the C02 coming out very cool, about 20C while leaving the the power brick area in non insulated pipes. With petro generator, gas generators and ethanol distils there is a lot of C02. So instead of just venting straight to space, routing the C02 through spaces that could use some extra cooling and the the C02 pipes has collected enough heat to be about 60C at venting. As I have 4 pipes venting to space, 3 of the pipes with a constant steam of 1K packets this appears to be a huge amount of heat being deleted heck a heck of a lot easier to deal with then carbon skimmer or trying to reuse Co2 in other fashions.
  10. Am guilty of intentionally spacing mass quantities of CO2 and some O2 to space. How come never see any of the vid makers do this? Or do other folks do this and just not seeing the crime? Does spacing lower the opinion of base quality by folks?
  11. The Tony double bridge device I was referring to is not the actual bypass, the double bridge thing being shown here by Blackberry is the actual bypass. Not quite the same thing. The double bridge system Tony shows does work for me along with his bypass method of using a liquid valve. Not a single blockage in my current game and just broke 1000 cycles. In a closed loop (which I found is usually best anyways), most of this is pointless talk because all you need to do insure 100% uptime is put a single empty packet per aqua tuner in the loop. Double bride in the loop to add a single empty packet space, Connect the 2 inputs to each other and the 2 exits to each other. This is not the bypass, rather inline as part of the loop. Like to add, that Tony did go back and post a correction video based on discussion here. His double bridge system for a buffer space didn't change, but his bypass did..just use a liquid valve so the bypass pipe is the same length as going through the AT.
  12. TonyAdvanced has a great double bridge design buffer space device that is pretty fool proof to prevent a loop from backing up. youtube/google it.
  13. Heard the DLC is going to expand the Auto Save Game quirkiness feature to be purposeful and feared.. Destruction orders issued during the autosave pause quirk will no longer be a large amount of queued orders, instead there will be instant destruction. The joy of rebuilding done right! And we all thought was a bug...
  14. automation help

    Yes. Like starting a stop watch. Where the clock starts ticking as soon as you press down the stop watch plunger. Regardless if you lift your thumb off the plunger and the stop watch plunger resets OR if you hold the plunger down the whole time..the stop watch still keeps ticking and then dings after 10 seconds. The first green signal starts the stop watch so at the end of the stop watch a green signal is sent. They tricky part (with the limitations of the existing automation tools) is that the first green signal "pulse" only starts the stop watch. The initial green signal(thumb press) may or may not continue.
  15. automation help

    Don't think that works if the starting signal stays green?