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  1. @nakomaru how do you get that 20x speed? ctrl+u doesn't seem to work for me and i'm stuck with x3 while testing stuff
  2. @nakomaru @Gamers Handbook @psusi Thank you for all the answers and helping me out! It's a bit comical that fridges don't realize instantly that they have power now but it's easily avoidable and explains everything.
  3. Yeah the 2nd battery does hits zero. Your explanation fits perfectly but i don't know if it's officially how some building like fridges behave. Here's the save. I think the machines being unable to cycle on/off instantly fits and makes sense. It's just it sounds a little hard to believe and I hadn't thought it was possible. powertest.sav
  4. I tried with the OR gate and synchronize it but it's the same situation. Even if I'm synchronizing it wrong, the brown-out should only be for 1/10 of a second but it lasts much longer. That post was what made me try this but I was just figuring out the basic system first which @martosss has in this post before moving on to the more complex one. @Gamers Handbook Battery is at 80-60. It also tried it with 40-20 and 90-85 but same issues. Sorry about the long automation wires, just this way for me to get a clearer picture.
  5. That's a fair point. But in my original post, 1st picture, the battery connected has 15k J and yet it's only supplying only 6 fridges. That same battery, only a couple seconds later and now being at 12k J is happily supplying power to all. And this behavior is entirely absent for the second one. It had ~4k J and had no brownouts. It's this inconsistency that has me puzzled. I corrected it by using a big transformer and now there are no brownouts. But now I'm wondering when the shutoffs disconnect the 1st battery from the entire circuit, why are there brownouts at all. Battery has no limits when discharging and the 2k wire can handle the load, shutoffs ensure that the circuit "sees" no 1k wire so what goes wrong that gets corrected in a couple seconds?
  6. I just tried that but the same. Just so weird that it only happens with the left one. Is it because i'm using the left one to turn the shutoffs on/off? idk what else to think
  7. Everytime the left battery is connected to the fridges, a random number of fridges don't get any power for a while, while the right one has no such issues. There's no wire damage anywhere and so I can't figure out why that happens. Could anyone please help me understand? has it always been like this?
  8. Great post! But I'm not sure why this: Is single bridge not a good idea? I've always been using a single one.
  9. Automation help

    sure man, here. It's not exactly tailored for rocket launch so you'll have to make some tiny adjustments but it was what I was looking for.
  10. crazy how there's a video on the exact issue i'm having. Thanks!
  11. okay i'll try this and see if it helps.
  12. What the title says. I cannot figure out what causes the leakage. I've disabled all auto-repairs on liquid pipes, there is not ice in the room and the temp never goes above ~95c. It has been driving me nuts.
  13. Automation help

    This was perfect! I just tried it and it's just fascinating. Thank you
  14. Automation help

    @SpreadsheetGamr@Saturnus I used the 2 bit counter @GamesOmatic mentions in this thread . But instead of the required output, i get something else instead. What am I doing wrong or how can i fix this?
  15. Automation help

    Yeah you're right. It was my mistake. By far the only solution and the best one that's working for me, even after reload. Thank you! Is what i'm doing the right thing? I can't seem to get the correct output