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  1. I usually leave the ores lying around and use sweep only containers if i need an area cleaned. However, since i opted into the beta, my dupes seem to "remember" all the previous sweep only commands. Whenever I mark an ore lying around to be swept, they pick up all the previous ores as well as the current one. So now i have to hide the previously swept objects if i want something swept. Same thing happens with liquids too. Is anyone experiencing this as well?
  2. you remove the water and un-flood them? Not sure if I understand the question.
  3. Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect! I'm on AP-399948-D. I reloaded 5 times So far the gates are holding their times correctly on save-reload very precisely. Maybe they fixed it when they introduced the auto upgrade.
  4. not sure i understand your solution, i'm not really familiar with electronic logic in oni or irl. could you explain a bit more? essentially what i wanted was a way to count, say, 4 cycles after a positive signal comes in.After 4 cycles the counter should stop and be ready when the next signal comes in and remain ready even if the next positive never comes in. liquid clock is what i've always been using but i wanted to see if someone has a way of doing it with the new automation gates.
  5. anyone know of a way to start/stop a counter precisely. i'm trying to time my launches so that there's always atleast 2k kgs available. I thought it'd be so easy to do but so far all my attempts have fallen flat. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Pneumatic doors don't allow dupes to go through on a reload. But once you check/uncheck the door permission for the dupe, they can move out/in according to the access set. I've been able to reproduce this with mods on/off and every time I reload the issue it there. Save included. Please take a look. in the pics, meep cannot pass through unless you check/uncheck the door access. to play.sav