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  1. Wendy Rework

    I did not say "delete her negatives", just make her viable in combat without blowdarts. I also described how Abigail is not actually as helpful as she sounds on paper so Wendy herself should not suffer from lack of combat capability because her sister suicides constantly. Like, as I said, either make Abigail better or remove the damage modifier. She won't be Wolfgang or Wigfrid but she won't just be an improved Wes, either. She's not really balanced at the moment is the point. Just let her use boomerangs and stuff at max damage, please. She cannot effectively farm birds and stuff. ^ Thank you Mike23Ua. Wendy does NOT need nerfing in the slightest.
  2. Wendy Rework

    There's no way she would be OP just by simply making Abigail smarter and removing her negative damage modifier (at the very least make it so she can kill stuff instantly with the boomarang. It doesn't make any sense to "not throw it as hard"). She would then just be Wilson with a ghost helper. She would still not be unique without any other perks.
  3. Wendy Rework

    I personally don't feel like Wendy needs the negative damage multiplier, because aside from small mobs, Abigail is not really useful unfortunately and even with mods she still gets herself killed for no reason. She should not engage with anything unless Wendy herself attacks it or it locks its attack onto Wendy. Besides that, Wendy has no real perks. That's the biggest change I'd like to see in a (hopefully soon) Wendy refresh. Aside from that, I think Wendy is fine but she could do with a few more unique characteristics for sure.
  4. Sorry, I know I made a post about this already, but it was technically in the wrong thread, I suppose, and I don't know if it may have been missed or not (I hope this doesn't annoy Klei, my anxiety didn't want me to post this again). I'm also not sure if anyone's posted about this kind of thing before, sorry if I missed it... I was wondering if we could have skin items that are either out-of-season or non-weaveable to be purchasable in the shop or weaveable. Honestly I am a little bit confused as to why we can only weave certain items. I know the rewards program is going to be updated with more content such as the older Twitch drops, but as I mentioned in my post with having to resort to pay ludicrous Community Market prices, it just feels odd that us newer players cannot obtain them more reasonably. I would absolutely buy all the character and item skins I'm missing legitimately and actually support y'all. I'm curious as to the reasoning for this decision!
  5. Someone in Unorthodogg's stream linked me to y'all's rewards page and I never knew it was there! I somehow managed to not get the actual Metamorphosed Flame skin itself and I couldn't find anyone selling it (then saw it wasn't marketable...). In addition to that, I only first started the game during last year's Hallowed Nights event and missed everything prior to that so I'm SUPER excited that I'm gonna be able to get stuff I missed out on. I want cool skins without having to pay someone's outright ridiculous Community Market overcharging ($88 for a Rooslet? Come on, people shouldn't be able to do that)! Following all these sites also gives me a great way to keep up with y'all's updates more easily and reliably. And Since I Iove this game so much I wanna support y'all too. One suggestion I really wish was implemented, going off the Community Market overcharging, was the ability to buy all currently released character/skin themes/sets from the shop at normal prices (including Guest of Honor and Survival sets). Or at least make all skin items for everything weaveable with a lot of spools. As it stands, I had to pay $30+ just to get Wendy's Guest of Honor face skin because I wanted it so bad (I am not sane, no). I couldn't afford her Party Frock, too. I'd be JUMPING for joy if I could get everything I missed just because I didn't know about the game until much later.