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  1. To be honest this is not so stupid as it sounds. But game have to be streamed and not executed on mobile. This way we will have a lot of mobile games in future. Main problem here is interface which is not designed to run on touch devices and this one is not easy to skip on final product. Any way I dont see benefit of playing game like oni on tiny screen. Maybe it would be fun if our colony runs on 24h and we could do checks on our dupes like ants in aquarium.
  2. Yeah... if your dupes dont die, then you really dont make a story out of it. It should be like in rimworld, that space colony is a dangerous place (predators, pirates) and so much other dangerous random things that could impact our colony. In ONI we dont have random events
  3. Good point... but if they would plan it in August then, They would say it will be released this summer (so they have still most of September for backup)... so more possible is that the DLC will be September+
  4. I come here every day to check for new updates Any chances that this DLC will be released in August ?
  5. They dont have to be smaller, but with lack of resources, which you bring from space. E.g. imagine that your colony is dependent on ice hauler arrival to bring water for your food production
  6. But the current map is already small. I would love to see it even bigger. Performance issues? Still didn not have much of them any on my i7 8th gen with colonies over 1000 cycles old. So cpu upgrade was a good option I guess.
  7. Maybe this time we will be starting near surface If this game mode will be separate from basic game, then maybe we will start with crashlanded rocket right away as duplicant who went to temporal rift. Priory one: build printing pod. That would be cool
  8. I hope there will be single hardcore mode with highest difficulty, so we hardcore player will also get some love
  9. Yeah. I like this, because steel is precious at start and it force you to make automation for open/close bunker doors and sync with meteor shower detection You just have to pay attention if you operate them by hand.
  10. Yupi! Best birthday present I got today Love your work team!
  11. Yeah! We all are waiting to give you some money, while we still have them :P Some streams with dlc would be nice Even if it would be from home I dont mind if you will be in pajamas, just swith to desktop view and voice only Oh, and think about it that you are saving lives here! Giving us more oxygen, we #stayhome and dont die! (of boredom).
  12. Could you make an option for more precise temperature heat transfer calculation (under difference single degree by tile)? I guess it would take a lot more of computing power, so it would be optional, but that would make more fun in actually cooling my base. Currently before my base gets really hot I notice that every tile stops getting more heat when they reach a difference of single degree and several dozens tile away temp is much higher and never gets near my base. Really cold Ice map with note warm geysers would be also nice Anyway good job guys! I love you work!
  13. Max seed number is: 2147483647 (max int number). They just forgot to add validation for that
  14. Abigail just killed my Gloomer Bad Abigail, bad...
  15. Cooling Metal Refinery with +90°C water is easy exploit to use. You only need disable auto repair on the output pipe, which breaks right away cooland goes out and you can use Metal Refinery as long as you like without flushing out coolant at all. It just stores more and more of 140°C water inside it. My current one has tons of it. Expected Result: - If metal refinery contains water >100°C it should break and release steam into air (just drop that 140°C bottle on floor). - You should not be able to operate Metal Refinery with broken output pipe
  16. This bug still exists. Cooling Metal Refinery with +90°C water is easy exploit to use. You only need disable auto repair on the output pipe and you can use Metal Refinery as long as you like without empty coolant at all. It just stores more and more of 140°C water inside it. My current one has hundreds of tons of it. Expected Result: - If it contains water +100°C Metal Refinery breaks and Steam is released into air. or - You should not be able to operate Metal Refinery with broken output pipe. I guess second option is easier to implement and more challenging, because you wont be able to use metal refinery with hot water at all.
  17. Ok, so I can confirm that this soundtrack doesn't adds any new music to game, but have a additional music which not in game in it. Currently I play it in background with "music option muted in game.
  18. To be honest I had my doubts about this "new soundtrack" but thanks that they also put it live stream so I had a chance to listen and actually hear new arrangements of songs I actually know, I just bought this soundtrack Specially because that they will add new tracks to it and because I had a chance to listen to them first ("we likes songs which we already heard" - quote from the classic polish comedy)
  19. Currently you can hear new soundtrack on their twitch, which I'm doing at the moment. It is absolutely gorgeous! After so many hours of listening "default soundtrack" those new tunes sounds great! So it seems that the only way to have listen to them in game all the time I have to buy soundtrack, download as mp3 and play in background. Hmm, maybe custom mp3 music mod to oni will be my next challenge for it
  20. Yeah I mean I would really like to support the game and I love it, but buying soundtrack which I wont use just seem to be a ba idea. Anyway that kind of supporter bundles appear usually in early access, and not half year after release. Currently the only way I would spend my money for it is that it adds something to actual game... like in don't starve, I buy clothes etc, to make a game feel a little bit different.
  21. That is sad, no new content Why does people buy ost if they can hear it in game? In the end most of it ends of Spotify, which I already pay for and they can here it in their car, etc. And in game it states "new soundtrack". Ok, there are couple of sounds, but if they were not in the game they must be really bad anyway.
  22. Does this DLC actually adds new music to the game? It description doesn't say so: "this OST contains all of the game music, and a couple of extras, in both FLAC and MP3 formats." So we got extras in FLAC and MP3 AND in game? How many of them are there? The problem I have with this DLC is that I am confused if I pay for music I heard for over 500h in game and I hate it, or will I actually get new music in game? If so what is new and what is old?
  23. Havoc and mayhem in my colony and then... -9,223,372,000,000,000 kcal Save file included in attachment, it starts like this after load. Wygnajewo 2020.sav
  24. Try to do live releases on Monday I bet doing this hotfix on Friday wasn't most happy event in that week. Since I introduced Monday releases with my team everybody feels much better having whole week for hotfixes (and they always happens), than thinking what else wrong through weekend after end of week live release Anyway thanks! Good work guys! How I wished I moved to gaming industry than boring corporate systems. Lucky you!