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  1. Thank you for the very swift, concise and easy to understand response. I didn't know about the "flame" now I do, thank you so much. The good thing I've learned is that I can melt insulated mafic rock tiles and let them freeze into igneous rock I can feed to my hatches. (I realize this is a real peabrain strat don't make fun of me :p) Upon closer inspection I've realized my peabrain strat is much more peabrain that I had realized.
  2. I've just started condensing oxygen and hydrogen and I've placed my condenser underneath my rocket launch facilities, as you can see I've got what I believe to be a very standard set up (aqua-tuner under steam turbine). I've been most careful to leave the one tile gap between the insulated floor of the rocket launch facilities and the gas condenser building yet when I launch a rocket I've noticed the temperature of everything just below that one tile gap heating up to an enormous degree. I can't figure out how this is happening, how the heat is getting through, I've watched in 1x speed the rocket launch and throughout the launch process a vacuum persists in the space between the two structures(no carbon dioxide exhaust) yet all the insulated tiles that make up the building heat up, which heats up the interior causing the steam turbines to overheat. Is there something in the mechanics of rocket launches that I'm missing that is overriding the good ol' no thermal interaction in a vacuum rule, or could this potentially be a bug of some sort, I understand that it makes sense that these things under the rocket would heat up IRL a duh doy, but this seems to be inconsistent with all the rules about thermodynamics in this game as I've understood them thus far. Can someone explain?
  3. Well a broken bunker door actually doesn’t let the meteor shower pass through provided it was broken while in the closed state, and unless you’re running solar power very (potentially dangerously) close to your rocket launch facilities than it’s really a non-issue with regards to this topic. This was a proposed change to the game, I understand that the bunker doors(and buildings overall) do not function the way that I describe. What I meant to imply from my post was that I feel by making it necessary to place the piece of automation I describe therein in order to efficiently launch rockets it would improve the game overall.
  4. So I have a proposed change to the interaction between bunker doors and rockets, let me preface this by saying that in my initial attempt to automate bunker doors for the purposes of rockets I had introduced a filter gate between the rocket's take off automation port in order to account for the time it took for the bunker doors to open assuming they would be broken by the rocket's flight, I designed my second silo in haste forgetting to put in this key piece of automation only to find that the system actually functioned more efficiently than before saving perhaps a half a second of time in the take off process. I realized i had made the game harder for myself than I had to but simultaneously found it quite satisfying to have solved a problem in general that I had expected, due to this I feel it would be appropriate to change the interaction between rockets and bunker doors. I realize that the doors simply breaking under these circumstances means turning off auto repair would effectively make them perfectly convenient, what I want is a nerf, I want the game to be harder. I don't know if the bunker doors should just disappear in a chunk of steel, they could be misplaced by the collision in addition to being broken, there are definitely more elegant and satisfying solutions to my dissatisfaction that i believe would improve the game for everyone ie. make it more challenging.
  5. When I try to deconstruct the two carbon skimmers on the ledge underneath my colony the game crashes, no error message, straight to desktop. It doesn't matter what order I deconstruct them in. The Antigravity Spacejunk.sav