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  1. Update: I opened up the tiles to either side of the auto sweeper and it started working. I wish there was an overlay that would tell me which tile on the coal generator the sweeper needs to be able to reach.
  2. Just tried this setup and again I'm left to wonder if I just don't understand how things are supposed to work or if things are just unplayable / broken right now. The auto sweeper does absolutely nothing. The idea was that I would have the coal plants closed off from duplicant intervention, they would drop coal into the system where the sweeper would deliver it to the plants when they needed it. The available errand shows up as expected on the coal plants but the sweeper does not respond. The conveyer receptacle has priority 1 and the empty coal plant has priority 9. The coal that was already in the system was from manual duplicant deliveries before the system was sealed.
  3. So I just tried a setup like this to solve problems I noted with coal generators in another thread where the supply errand would be removed as soon as the automation input received a red signal. Seems coal generators are just unworkable right now.
  4. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I have 4 coal plants in a power plant connected to a smart battery both power and automation, fuel request threshold is 100% and logic high / low on the smart battery is 60 / 20 respectively. Therefore, the batteries are NEVER fully charged therefore the coal generator should always be requesting coal when it isn't full, right? Well apparently whenever the coal plant receives a red signal from the smart battery it clears out the coal delivery errand which can be observed by watching the coal plant's status page. Maybe I'm wrong and need to do things a bit different but it seems like the only potential solution available to me is to increase my energy storage so that it takes a bit longer to hit that red signal enough time for the dupes to execute that delivery errand. Normally, I wouldn't have an issue with solving the problem that way but the game text is obviously wrong in this scenario as on the fuel request threshold tooltip it states: "Duplicants will be requested to deliver coal when the total charge of the connected batteries falls below <fuel threshhold, 100% in my case>". Since the charge of the connected batteries never reaches 100%, that fuel request errand should not be removed in my mind. If the automation is going to override that errand then it seems like the tooltip should reflect that if it is intended. Otherwise, this seems like a bug to me.
  5. I've experienced the same issue, and in my case it seems to be preventing me from getting a grand hall morale bonus.