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  1. Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Do you use mods? no Version Number actual patch with Hamlet enabled Issue title Fires don't produce heat any more Steps to reproduce Reach winter, I guess? Describe your issue As the title suggests: even fully stocked fires won't heat up me or thermal stones in inventory or on the ground any more, so I just reached the point of taking permament cold damage no matter how many logs I put into a fire. I tried both old and newly contructed campfires and fire pits to no effect. Sleeping didn't do anything about it either - body temperature starts to fall again as soon as I wake up. Restarting the game and veryfying game files didn't work either. No mods used. Anyone encountered this bug and found a fix? Couldn't find a fix searchng the net beside "go sleep to reset your body temperature", but as I said this didn't work either. I had a very good run so far, so don't want to give up on that save yet.