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  1. Winning Deck Archetypes

    The two main negotiation deck archetypes I find myself falling into are Overbear/Erupt and Solid Point/Planning. With the former, just stack Domination or other sources of damage boosts, then use Overbear, Caprice, and Hostile Instincts to trigger Erupts, maybe some Invective. Mirrored Threaten is amazing if you roll it. With the latter, get some Solid Points in your deck and use Planning, Visionary Setup, and any other source of draw to cycle them through your deck as fast as possible. You'll have plenty of Influence to burn on cards that use it, like Subtlety. Combat decks have more variety, but I keep coming back to discard decks. It just feels like you can build a discard deck faster and more safely, since most other strategies require very specific combinations of cards that you can't bet on finding. If you're lucky you'll have Barbstorm and Windup in hand to repeatedly discard. The most important drops to jump on are Boulder Stance and Kidney Shot. Never pass up on either of those. It's a toss up as to which to take if you somehow get offered both in the same bucket. Spines becomes hilarious if you already have Boulder Stance up. I actually once picked up three Boulder Stances and felt invincible that run. In pretty much all cases, you want to keep your deck as slim as possible to ensure you get the draws you need as early as possible. Always take self-Destroying upgrades; you want to drop as much of your starting deck as you can. You usually want Expending upgrades to starting cards too, since they slim your deck during the fight.