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  1. This might help for future tasks, I had to watch this a couple of times to get my dupes to do what i wanted.
  2. Cool Steam Vents

    Totes, got too much water. Slush geyser, salt water geyser 2 steam vents. Made a petroleum boiler and that gives me more water then I put in to it. Guess I can stick it all into reed fibre and forget about it.
  3. Cool Steam Vents

    Yeah cheers guys, managed to get it working after turning on the pump. Now I just have to figure out what the hell to do with so much water!
  5. aye, I have a couple of chlorine rooms for decontaminating ores and liquids, but it just seems a bit unrealistic xD Would be nice to have it stream lined. I want to get the mod which causes damage to dupes when exposed to caustics etc, so would have to get rid of my chlorine rooms. Thanks Bashkov
  6. Cool Steam Vents

    Thanks sucking out some water helped!
  7. Cool Steam Vents

    thanks will give it a try!
  8. Cool Steam Vents

    What do you mean by "this method"? I'm just trying to cool it down but it doesn't erupt?
  9. Hiya, just had a thought that i would be cool to make decontamination storage containers. Liquid input, clean water Liquid output, polluted water Gas input, chlorine And apply the same debuff as chlorine atmosphere has on germs. Sound feasible? Cheers
  10. Ooo pretty

    It's getting worse! Send my PC to a med bay quick! (Yes that is a giant steam turbine. I can't place the blooming thing down now because of zombie infection!)
  11. Cool it with more petrol. Too hot for ph2o.
  12. Hiyo. Anybody aware of the max output of a cool steam vent? Mine doesn't seem to be functioning. Vacuumed the area out in sandbox to make sure and it's still surrounded in vacuum despite saying it's outputting 7.3kg/s of steam. Sure I saw something on a redit post not long ago about a 7kg limit? Thanks in advance.
  13. Ooo pretty

    It's funny how things like that happen. They seem to happen to me very often in life. Learn something new then hear it all the time etc. But yeah, something sinister methinks. It's those zombie spores, spreading into your pc waiting for you to open your CD drive then pounce.